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  • Maybe you need to nurture your leads?

When the list of “maybes” goes on and on but your budget doesn’t, we can help.

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3 Top Tips for Selecting a Digital Marketing Company

If you are in business today, you are doing business online.Or, at least you should be; after all, “online” is where all your potential customers are looking for what you sell!

Whether you are actually selling your product or service online, or simply using the Internet for branding and awareness purposes (marketing), you will best grow your client base by using the Internet to communicate with customers and prospects.

If you don’t have a website, stop right here and contact Harmonia Media for a digital marketing consultation NOW. If you’re not doing business online these days, you’re likely not doing much business.

Is It Time for a Website Refresh? 

OK, let’s say you do have an online presence but it’s not working so well. Maybe it never did. Maybe it was effective when you first launched but now there are any number of challenges that are keeping potential customers from either finding you or clicking “buy now” once they are on your site. 

These may include bad SEO, poor quality content, lack of user experience, horrible or outdated design…the list goes on and on.

Further, digital marketing is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Google changes its algorithms daily. Best practices get updated. New ways to attract customers online surface all the time. 

There is nothing wrong with taking a real, hard look at your website–in partnership with an experienced digital marketing agency–and making some updates that will drive customers and improve your bottom line.

So, you need digital marketing help. 

How do you choose the right digital marketing company for your brand? Here are 3 TOP things to consider when choosing a digital marketing company.

1. Start with a Consultation! Think of it like a first date…maybe a second and third. Not all service providers are a fit for all clients. For example, as a business owner, do you want to be involved with every decision from start to finish? Or, would you prefer to focus on your daily business and allow your new marketing company to manage the project (with your input, of course!)

Your answer to these questions should play a huge part in which firm you hire.

2. Consider your budget. Wouldn’t it be great if budget wasn’t an issue and you had all the money in the world to spend on marketing? 

If you do have a large budget, that’s great–make sure you choose a web company that will maximize every dollar. 

However, if you are working with a tight marketing budget, be sure to choose a digital marketing company that understands your financial constraints and is willing to customize a program that grows with you. 

3. Choose a Full-Service Agency. You may not need a full website refresh, perhaps you only need a revamped SEO strategy or better content. Maybe what you really need is a customer nurturing campaign. Digital marketing comprises a wide range of services. The last thing you want to do is have to cobble together several companies when you can choose one with the expertise to do it all. 

Selecting a full-service provider like Harmonia Media will ensure that all projects are being properly integrated. Moreover, one experienced firm that can determine what you need help with now–and as you grow–will be far more cost-effective in the long run. 

One BONUS Tip…

Every company out there boasts about customer service. Consider all the companies you do business with right now (or in the past.) Are you getting treated the way you want? Are you bouncing around from contact to contact? Do you feel like your digital marketing company values your business?

At Harmonia Media, we offer concierge customer service. You’ll always feel like our most important client because you deserve nothing less. Find out more about the Harmonia Difference and fill out our contact form (or call 800.531.3704 or email team@harmoniamedia.com) to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

It all begins with “hello…”

Does Your Website Have to Be ADA Compliant? Maybe. Find Out!

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of User Experience (UX). We know it’s critically important to make sure all visitors to your website are happy, that they can navigate the site easily and are taken through a pathway that gets them to make a purchase or take another action (such as sign up, or download, or contact you, etc.)

Imagine having a disability that makes using the computer more difficult, blindness or a dexterity challenge, as examples. If this were you, it would be quite a job to simply surf the net, much less find what you are looking for and buy it.

There is a law that would help you and does currently help others who have disabilities. It’s called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and it includes a number of provisions that seek to make life easier for those with challenges.

As it relates to websites, there is a section of the ADA that requires companies to make sure their websites are capable of being navigated by someone with a disability. The law requires the ability to make the text larger for those with sight impairments and an icon that a deaf person can click to enable video content to be posted on the screen. In fact, there are many ways to make a website ADA-compliant.

Harmonia Media will help you

make sure your website complies with ADA rules.

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Why is ADA Compliance Important?

First off, it’s the right thing to do. But, much more importantly, in a business sense, it’s critically important to make sure your site complies with ADA rules because the punishment for failing to comply is VERY EXPENSIVE. If your business falls into one of the categories listed below, your website must be ADA compliant. 

Failure to comply with ADA guidelines for websites may result in exorbitant fines!

That being said, the guidelines are so confusing!

The laws have been challenged in many states. The bottom line is that, in general, most courts have all said something that sounds like the following in response to Does the ADA require companies to make sure their websites follow ADA guidelines?

  • Yes. Any website advertising or promoting a business is a “public accommodation” and, therefore, must adhere to the accommodations listed in the ADA guidelines.
  • Yes, but only if the business also has a brick and mortar location.
  • No, since the Act doesn’t specifically include websites, it doesn’t apply.


Why is ADA Compliance for Websites So Confusing?

We know the ADA says businesses with physical locations must be accessible to all customers. These accommodations may include Braille, wheelchair accessibility and audio considerations. Additionally, the ADA speaks to “public accommodations” but not to digitally-accessed businesses. 

The ADA was passed in 1990; websites were hardly a thing. Therefore, the law doesn’t address digital access with regard to ADA compliance. Of course, the ADA has been amended in the past 21 years but not with regard to websites. This leaves everyone with a big question: Do websites have to be made ADA compliant?

That’s a hole in the law, for certain.

But, it hasn’t stopped people who would benefit from ADA accommodations from civilly suing companies that don’t have ADA compliant websites. It’s up to the specific court. If a judge decides the business should have an ADA compliant site, heavy fines can be levied against the defending company.

The Bottom Line on Websites & ADA Compliance

The law doesn’t specifically require businesses to follow particular rules. However, many lower court judges have ruled in favour of plaintiffs and have sentenced the companies to pay very hefty fines. 

With that being said, don’t wait until you get sued! Make sure your website is ADA accessible now. You can even advertise that it is and possibly attract a new clientele that didn’t know about your company before. 

Harmonia Media will take care of all the work for you! Contact us now to find out the ins and outs of website ADA compliance. And, remember, law or no law, making your website accessible to all is a great way to create amazing UX.

Nurture Your e-Customers – Past & Present!

It costs less to encourage current customers to buy more than it costs to acquire new customers. You probably have heard this many times before. And, yet, we see it time and time again — companies are focused on dollar signs and, instead of nurturing current customers, they focus almost exclusively on driving new traffic to their websites.

I can’t shout this loud enough: when it comes to increasing web sales, your digital marketing strategy MUST include a nurturing program, with emails and texts, to your current customers (and also former customers who need a reminder about your company!) 

Getting out there and attracting new clients is awesome. 

The more the merrier! However, if you already have a list of people who are doing business with you (and those who have done business with you), why wouldn’t you stay in touch with them? By staying in touch with them on a regular basis, you are getting onto their radar screen…staying top of mind. 

People get busy, right? Do you ever buy something, love it but run out and forget to reorder? Or, maybe you bought something online, really enjoyed it, but never went back to that website to see what else might have your “name” on it? This has happened to all of us! 

But you can do something about it right now. It’s never too late to nurture current and former customers. 

Shortly after your first sale, email the customer and ask them to leave you a 5 Star Google review. And offer them an incentive to buy again or try something new!

If it’s someone who hasn’t purchased in a while, make them some sweet deal offers. People respond to BOGO or a significant percentage off of the current web price. If a customer forgot about you, remind them with a deal they can’t refuse! 

You can also ask them to actively refer your company to a friend in exchange for an incentive.

Paying for Clicks is More Expensive than Email Nurturing

These days, the world of PPC is very crowded. Unless you do something or sell something that is incredibly rare, paying for clicks is going to be an investment. Sure, it’s an investment that will pay off in terms of winning new customers. But, while you are doing PPC, you shouldn’t forget about the customers whom you’ve already won!

Think about it this way…why spend all of your time and money trying to get the attention of someone who doesn’t know you when you can also be catching up with old friends (paying customers!)

When was the last time you reached out to an existing client? Maybe it was to just say “thank you” for making a purchase. Probably right after you collected payment for services rendered or products delivered, right?

No. No. No! It’s so important that you stay in contact with customers early and often; you want to be on their radar screens. If you don’t remind them to buy from you, who will? You can increase sales exponentially by simply working on a strategy to re-engage current and former customers. 

If you are wondering where to even begin, here’s the simple answer. Reach out to Harmonia Media and ask about email and text nurturing campaigns. This is what we do (among plenty of other digital marketing services and we would love to help you!)

Here’s a Quick Look at What a Customer Retention Program Might Look Like

To begin with, what exactly is customer retention? Great question! A customer retention strategy is simply an effort to get customers–people who have made purchases from your website– to visit your site again and be encouraged to click that “buy now” button again and again! 

In the past, when snail mail postcards were all the rage, companies sent them out to customers, incentivizing them to buy again. No reason to cut down trees! We have email and it’s very easy to set up a series of emails — a campaign funnel, if we are using digital marketing speak — to stay in touch with your customers and give them reasons to return to your website.

Additionally, as mentioned, a nurturing campaign for former customers is a great way to bring them back into the fold. Perhaps they didn’t buy again for a good reason. That doesn’t mean you can’t say “hello” and give them a reason to try something else you sell. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty of sales to gain! If you reach out and they “unsubscribe,” no harm, no foul, right? But….what if they buy again??

According to Shopify, “Customer retention strategies enable you to both provide and extract more value from your existing customer base. You want to ensure the customers you worked so hard to acquire stay with you, have a great customer experience, and continue to get value from your products.”

It’s time to find out if Harmonia Media’s concierge service is right for you. 

Call us at (800) 531-3704 or fill out our convenient online contact form and we will reach out to you. 

Doing Business in a World Without the Internet

Imagine this…

The year is 1990 and you own a business that sells immune-boosting vitamins. Sales are decent because you have a great location in the center of town with plenty of convenient parking. 

All of a sudden, you hear the news (on TV or radio) that someone somewhere ate a bat or whatever and a rapidly spreading virus has turned into a worldwide pandemic!

The U.S. government mandates a shutdown and, next thing you know, business dries up. It doesn’t just slow down. No sales. None.

You’ve been forced to shutter your doors and THERE IS NO INTERNET.

No e-commerce.

No online store. 

There is no O-N-L-I-N-E!

(There’s also no social media you can use to communicate with customers nor PPC ads to drive traffic.)

Ok, so we know this is a made-up scenario for our times. (Business owners living during other pandemics experienced this reality!)

Thanks to digital marketing, e-commerce has been a saving grace for so many businesses who were either already selling online or pivoted quickly and connected with a digital marketing company like Harmonia Media.

In fact, an article in the New York Times reported that, “E-commerce is what prevented a catastrophic year for U.S. retailing in 2020. Instead of ending in a deep trough of red, online shopping pushed overall retail sales up nearly 3.5 percent, to $5.6 trillion, compared with the previous year.”

Those statistics were provided to The Times by the research firm eMarketer. The company also noted that in 2020, online sales increased by 33.6 percent year over year. 

What does all this mean?

First off, we are not out of the woods with COVID yet. Many experts think it may get worse again before it really gets much better. 

Therefore, if you aren’t selling online at all, you need to get on that. Harmonia Media can help. 

If you have a website that isn’t doing what you need it to do, it’s likely time for a new digital marketing strategy. Again, we can help drive traffic–real paying customers– fast. 

According to the NYT article, in 2020 many businesses “hitched their fortunes” to e-commerce and that’s what not only kept those businesses open, but took them to new heights of success.


Let’s talk! Contact Harmonia Media for a free consultation about your digital marketing. 

We can find out if we are a good fit for each other during a 25 minute phone consultation.  Call (800) 531-3704 or fill out our convenient contact form and we will be in touch. 

Are You Sick of Living in a Virtual World?

Sorry to have to be the one to reiterate this to you, my friend, but the virtual work world isn’t going anywhere so fast. That means fewer (if any!) in-person conferences and events, hardly any lunch meetings, only online networking programs and MUCH MORE reliance on your website to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk for you. 

Find out how digital marketing company Harmonia Media will help upgrade your website, partner with you to design virtual programs to drive new customer leads and get you a seat at the virtual business table. 

Like it or not, virtual is permanent. Experts predict that companies that anyone who isn’t comfortable with an almost exclusive focus on doing business online will be stuck in 2019. If you haven’t already expanded your offerings to be virtual, the time is now. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a necessity at the moment, and for the foreseeable future. No one is getting together so your chances for rubbing elbows with your next customer is quite unlikely to happen. Very few businesses will be able to survive the pandemic without embracing the trend to sell and service virtually.
  2. It’s cheaper. No joke. Think about it. You can bring people together from all over the world to “hear” and “see” you online. You can do this with videos, webinars, interactive Zoom meetings and online events with breakout rooms that allow you to hear various speakers and never ask people to leave the safety of their own space! No travel for them. No overhead costs of choosing a location and hiring a caterer for you. 

All you need is a company to help you get the word out about your event! (More on that in a moment.) 

  1. Moreover, you can do more than you’ve ever done with events and presentations before. You can access the best talent and intellect and present it to your audience on a screen branded with your company! This is simply because the world is the limit when it comes to inviting presenters, expanding topics and attracting an audience. You exponentially increase the efficacy of your outreach! There is literally an entire world of possible clients out there who have never heard of your company. Let’s find them together.

Harmonia Media wants to help you with your virtual efforts and we can not only promote your events and drive an audience, but we can improve your website so people are finding YOU.

Imagine a world where your customers come to you instead of you constantly having to look for them? Harmonia Media is your partner in virtual event promotion. Give us 15 minutes of your time on a FREE phone consultation and we’ll share a world of insight that will help you meet the challenges of 2021 head-on.

Make Your Website as Inviting as a Delicious Meal

Depending on one’s perspective, every website needs some sprucing up — constantly. Your online home, your company’s website, is a living thing that needs constant care and attention. A blog article here, some SEO tweaking there. It’s all part of the process of doing business online.

When I ask if your website is a mess, I’m talking about something a bit deeper.

Web surfers have many choices. You know this. If they make it to your site, you have nanoseconds to catch their attention and keep them interested. You need even more “umpf” to get them to react to a strong call to action.

It is critically important that any visitor to your website can find what they need immediately. This means your navigation must be on point. Your messaging must be compelling and able to stand out from the rest of the noise on your site. This means your content must connect quickly so the reader will stay on course and click through your website.

So, yes, the front end of your site needs to look great, read even better and truly grab the attention of anyone who visits.

This requires strategy. Done well, digital marketing strategy is a carefully designed plan that stands out in the crowd of your competition. It’s like a delicious meal served in an exquisite restaurant served by an outstanding waitperson.

It’s NOT a tossed salad. While it’s true that sometimes unexpected things are the best, this doesn’t work when it comes to digital marketing strategy. Throwing it (SEO, content, design) together and hoping people not only find you but buy from you is a recipe for disaster. We say it all the time: hope is not a strategy.

If you have a feeling your website could use some love, give Harmonia Media the opportunity to take a peek under the cloche, so to speak, and give you the real 4-1-1 on how your website is doing.

Take advantage of a FREE web checkup and phone consultation by calling (855) 535-4848 or by filling out our convenient online contact form.

Neighbors Who Care

Donations for CentraState’s Healthcare Heroes

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If the response to a call for support for our local hospital, CentraState Medical Center, and our local restaurants, is any indication, our community is STRONG indeed!

What’s Neighbors Who Care?

This is a non-profit community effort to feed our Healthcare Heroes while supporting local restaurants in Freehold, Marlboro and surrounding communities. We are making donations of gift cards to CentraState Medical Center to feed healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly – as well as those who are now sick and quarantined.

We started with one neighbourly “ask” on Nextdoor (Freehold/Marboro feed) and the response from our generous neighbours was incredible. Moreover, restaurant owners wanted to help immediately. Thus, Neighbors Who Care – an effort to bring a little bit of deliciousness to our Healthcare Heroes while benefitting our local amazing eateries

These incredibly generous local businesses

are participating at this time: (Please scroll down for offers.)

(Add your restaurant to the list! See contact info below.)

Bagel Talk, Marlboro

Burger Bros, Marlboro

Domino’s Pizza (Freehold and Manalapan)

Empanada Guy, Freehold

Mike’s Pizza (Morganville and Parlin)

Pizza and Pasta Factory, Marlboro

Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria, Marlboro

 (Please scroll down for offers.)

Who will receive the donated Restaurant Gift Cards?

All donations will result in gift cards to be donated to CentraState Medical Center to feed working Healthcare Heroes as well as some who are sick and quarantined at home. (This plan is at the request of Centrastate administrators.)

Your donations will directly benefit our friends, family members and neighbors who are working tirelessly on the front lines of the War Against COVID-19 at CentraState.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose a restaurant listed below.
  2. Call or go online (as indicated) and buy a gift card based on their offer.
  3. Don’t forget to mention WE CARE to ensure your donation gets routed to our healthcare heroes!

Anything else?

If you own a local eatery, please contact Bari Siegel at 856.465.4539 to add your business and offer to this list.

Don’t forget to mention WE CARE to maximize your gift.

While you’re at it, feel free to order for your family, too! Curbside pickup and local delivery where available.

Please support all our local restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether listed here or not, they are incredibly important to our community and many are doing their part in some way to support Healthcare Heroes!

Visit downtownfreehold.com for a listing of restaurants in Downtown Freehold and give them love too!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!



  • Offers Valid for Purchase through April 30, 2020- may be extended TBD
  • Curbside pickup and local delivery where available

Bagel Talk (Marlboro Mall)

8 South Main Street, Marlboro, NJ

Call and mention WE CARE: 732.409.3099

Choose an offer:

Donate $20 and Bagel Talk will give a $25 gift card to a Neighbors Who Care ($5 bonus)

Donate $40 and Bagel Talk will give two $25 gift cards ($10 bonus).


Burger Bros (Next to Food Emporium)

460 County Rd 520, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732.772.0300 or go online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.


Domino’s Pizza (Freehold and Manalapan only)

540 Park Ave., Freehold – 732-577-9400

133 Rt. 33, Manalapan – 732-780-9999

Place any order of $10 or more (by phone or online) and a $10 gift card will be donated to Neighbors Who Care. Use code: WECARE


Empanada Guy Take-Out Restaurant

568 Park Ave, Freehold

Call 888-623-7765, ext. 1, or go online and place an order using code WE CARE.

Choose an offer:

  1. Spend $20 or more, mention WE CARE and a $10 gift card will be donated to Neighbors Who Care.
  2. Buy a $20 digital gift card (Note:WE CARE) for Neighbors Who Care Empanada Guy will add $10 to your donation to Neighbors Who Care. ($10 bonus!)


Mike’s Pizza (2 locations)

280 Route 9 Morganville NJ 07751

1016 Route 9 Parlin NJ 08859

Go online and buy a gift card valued at $20 or more to be donated to CentraState and Mike’s will add a generous $20! ($20 bonus!) Mention: We Care in the note area.


Pizza & Pasta Factory (Next to CVS)

2 Ryan Rd, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732-409-3001. View our menu online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.


Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria (Next to Wawa)

455 County Rd 520, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732-972-1222 or online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.

***Special thanks to Matt O’Grady, CEO of digital marketing company Harmonia Media, for generously allowing us to post info short Neighbors Who Care on his company blog. This makes it easier to share the link!

Shameless plug: If you could use some digital marketing help – website, better content, social media, contacting customers via email, etc., no one is better than Harmoniamedia. Matt O’Grady is offering FREE phone consultations to any business owner who is struggling at this time. Contact Matt at matt@harmoniamedia.com.

Long Content? Short Content? Just Make It Great Content!

Anyone with a website knows great content is one of the most important keys to keeping Google happy and to engaging better with potential customers. Simply put, people search for information. If your website has the answer they need, you are golden. They’ll stay, read and hopefully call or click.

However, if they can’t find their answers on your site, they will be gone in a click! And if your content isn’t good enough to move the Google search needle, what’s the point?

This is true about content in your web pages,  your blog posts, your digital media platforms and your emails.

And, that high quality needs to be consistent! Don’t post a great piece one week and phone it in the next. There is very little loyalty when it comes to web customers. They are fickle and impatient.

Here’s the problem… it’s quite likely that you are not a content writer. Words may not come so easily and you don’t have the time to hone your writing chops. You probably have a job to do and need to rely on someone — a content writer? — to create high-quality work.

At Harmonia Media, we can help you with that.

But I digress…

Not all content needs to be book-length. In fact,  plenty of people don’t have time to read long-form blogs and articles. They want info now, and now and NOW. USA Today style, at a glance.

The problem with that is that quick content bursts won’t necessarily satisfy Google.

“Long-form content is crucial for improving search engine rankings and building credibility,” according to Shane Barker.

Longer articles – 2,000 to 5,000 words – help to position you as a thought leader. They help your website rank better on Google because they are well-conceived and well-written and they are more shareable.

Finally, if you produce and post high quality. info-rich, long-form content, people will come back for your next article. This means people will spend more time on your website, poking around and engaging with you.

That being said, long articles are exponentially more difficult to produce. Time, knowledge and resources can be present a real challenge.

Alas, again, concise and pithy are certain goals to strive for when you have to farm out your content writing and time constraints pose a problem.

Therefore, the key is to have a content strategy and calendar and stick to these documents. Consistency with great content is very important.

1. Go with shorter, easier to produce content on topics relevant to your audience and stick to a schedule people can count on.


2. Hire a great company to make you shine when it comes to online content! Contact Harmonia Media for a consultation about your content, SEO or any other digital marketing needs today.

New Year, New Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s 2020! Happy New Year. The time has come to make your website work for you.

Consumers move faster than the speed of sound and, if there is one thing we know for certain, if they aren’t doing business with you, they are surely buying from your competition.

Contact Harmonia Media 

for a FREE Phone Consultation

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We will contact you!

We can help you by driving high-quality potential business directly to your website! How do you ask?

Harmonia Media will drive high-quality potential business directly to your website by:

  • Employing the latest technology such as geo-fencing, also called location-based-marketing, to drive high-quality traffic — right to your website
  • Optimizing your current website with best practices SEO (or building you a new site that gets the job done!)
  • Upgrading your web content so Google loves you
  • Managing social media platforms so you can communicate with your prospects and clients, driving referrals and new leads
  • Handling pay-per-click and Facebook ads that laser-focus in on customers

We do all of this for one single reason: to attract the attention of your prospects and compel them to click and buy — from you!

Contact Harmonia Media at (855) 535-4848 for a FREE Phone Consultation send to resolve to make 2020 your company’s best year yet. 

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