Content Planning: Using an Editorial Calendar

One question that plagues every social media manager is “What should we post next?” An editorial calendar is a tool you can add to your social media toolbox that will save you and your team time and frustration.

Just as it sounds, an editorial calendar is a lineup–by week, month, quarter, year, whichever you prefer–of topics you want to cover with posts on your social media platforms. There are some things you can add to the calendar without even thinking about them; holidays, for example, are pre-set. If you know your company always has a summer party July 4th weekend and a holiday party mid December, you can pencil those in, too.

Then, it takes a bit more effort. It’s important to consider your company’s goals for the upcoming period of time. Are you launching a new product or service? Is the main goal hiring more employees? Do you like to tie current news to your posts?

An editorial calendar is an important part of the content strategy process. By determining which topics you want to post about in advance (think quarterly or a six-month calendar), you can coordinate the content strategies for all your platforms. You can post blogs, for example, that match up with the topics you are posting about.

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An editorial calendar is pre-planned, so you know what the focus of your content should be for a month, a quarter and even a year. Many companies set up an annual editorial calendar and fill it in with the known dates worthy of a post. Holidays are a great example. You know you will want to always wish people a “happy” whatever.

Your calendar should also include the best times for your content to be published. This step requires some knowledge about your target audience, too. For example, if your business wants to attract young working professionals, your content might not do well when it is published at 8:30 a.m. People are commuting at this time or already in their first meeting of the day. This audience may respond better to a post during lunch hours because they are available to check their social media.

It’s not unusual to start off with general categories on your editorial calendar and add in specifics as you come up with them. For example, you can decide you are posting three times a week to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Make note of which days of the week you will be posting on each platform.

Don’t get overwhelmed! You can plan topics as far out as you wish; or plan for the week or month ahead. The idea is to use the calendar to make your life easier. It’s a road map to help you keep on track.

Having a calendar doesn’t mean sitting down and writing everything in advance. No one has time to create 20-30 posts at a sitting. But, with a calendar to guide you, you won’t usually have to create content on the fly.

It’s a good idea to remember that having a calendar doesn’t mean “never” having to bang out some content at the last minute. Things change and you may have a comment or new focus at some point in the future. Be flexible!

However, since keeping your social media platforms current requires you to be organized, an editorial or content calendar can help you by detailing what and when you will post–and when you will be posting it. Furthermore, when you and your team sit down to brainstorm topics for the calendar your creative energy will trigger each other to continually come up with better ideas.

More Reasons to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar – And to Stick with It!

1. Editorial calendars can help you with consistency. Social media posting should be a regularly scheduled thing. You want to be constantly touching your readers to stay in the conversation and keep your company top of mind for clients and prospects.

2. Editorial calendars help you keep the conversation flowing. Posting consistently will increase engagement with your audience, provide you with feedback and give you valuable insight into your audience preferences. You can apply these insights to future content and create a valuable asset to your business.

3. Editorial calendars help you save time! Keeping a calendar will save you from scrambling at the last minute to get a post published. Once you have your strategy, you can establish the type of content that will help you meet your goals on all platforms and your blog.

Don’t let creating content stress you out. Manage your content as well as your time by using an editorial calendar. Or you can take a completely stress-free approach. Talk to Harmonia Media about managing your social media content. We will help deliver fresh and engaging content to your audience so you have more time to focus on your business.

Grow Your Business Bigtime with Email Marketing

If you are like most people, email is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can communicate in a hot New York minute with a few keystrokes and the click of a button.

That being said, everyone else can communicate with YOU. This means hours of your life that you can’t get back sorting through emails to find the ones that are meaningful and worth your time.

According to Pew Research, 92 percent of adults who interact online have email accounts. (Fewer have a social media profile–only 79 percent.) But, when you zero in on the business world, these numbers take a whole new perspective. One might even go out on a limb and say that email is synonymous with business. Without it, you are talking to yourself!

Using Email to Win New Business

What does this mean for your business? It means that when you hear digital marketing companies say “email is dead” and that drip and nurturing campaigns aren’t worth your time or money, they are focused on their own agenda–not yours.

Even if the research on email users is inflated, statistics say over 5.5 billion email accounts exist and the number goes up each year. Think about your own time looking through your email inbox. You’re doing it. So is everyone else.

The key is to get good at picking out the important subject lines, so you make your time count. From a marketing perspective, you want to make sure the emails you send fall into the “must read” category, as well.

One more statistic for you. Pew Research reports “six in 10 American workers say email is `very important’ for doing their jobs.” If email is alive and thriving, it stands to reason email marketing is not only effective but, when done well, gets a private audience with your prospect.

With email marketing you can:

  • Get new customers
  • Communicate with clients
  • Promote your product and services
  • Keep your brand top of mind

So, What’s the Problem?

Let’s go right back to the beginning of this blog post. Inboxes are stuffed to the gills hour after hour with marketing emails. It may be super annoying to receive them but companies know that, statistically speaking, email marketing has the best chance of catching the eye of a prospective client.

So, if you can’t figure out how to make your emails stand out from all the others trying to drown it out, there’s a major problem. You’ve created the proverbial “If you shout in an empty forest, will anyone hear you?”

The best way to overcome the pitfalls of tepid–at best–email marketing campaigns, is to make sure you are writing great copy, using attention-grabbing subject lines and crafting calls-to-action that actually tell your readers what you want them to do.

You can grow your business bigtime with email marketing. Don’t waste another minute thinking you can’t.

Just give Harmonia Media a shout and we will put together an email campaign that will help you shower some love on your current customers so they become repeat customers. And, Harmonia will use customized email marketing strategy to drive new business.

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Want Your Social Media Marketing to Work? Do These 3 Things

It’s amazing how almost everyone has their phones in their hands throughout the day, many checking in on social media to see what’s happening in their online world.

Why is that amazing, you ask?

It’s amazing because the very people I’m referring to could be using social media for more than personal use. They could be connecting with people and driving new business. Is this you?

Business is highly sociable! Imagine how much you would be interacting with your online contacts if you posted on your business platforms every time you picked up your phone to check your snaps, likes and replies.

Actually, the experts say you have to do the following 3 things (much less work than posting all day long) to have a successful social media presence for your business.

1. Make Sure Your Words Count

Posting for the sake of posting isn’t going to make you a thought leader in your space. It’s important to share quality content with your online peeps. This means not copying and pasting posts from ages ago or between feeds so that your social media reads like the proverbial broken record.

Be innovative, informative and entertaining. 

Look, I get it, it’s difficult coming up with content for a post once in a while, much less daily or even weekly. If you’re not a writer, how can you be expected to pull great content out of thin air? You’re being paid to do whatever it is that you do well. It’s difficult for writers to create pithy content on a dime!

Still, they ask you to supply content. Some tips to get the job done: create “lists” such as Top 3 X or 7 Reasons You Should Never X, find an article well worth reading and post a link with a few lines about why you recommend it or hire someone to write a blog post that you can promote. (If you opt for the latter, email and we can talk about how to raise the quality level of your content!)

2. Be Picky About Your Social Media Interactions

It’s not unusual, in an effort to build a following, for someone to randomly look to connect with people or accept requests to connect. Bad idea. It’s important to make sure your connections are valuable for a few reasons. Here are three.

First, some intern at a company in a different market space than you won’t be able to help you, nor are they likely to be a customer.

Second, when people who need you look you up on social media, they are going to look at your friends, followers, connections, etc. Want to appear impressive? Be impressive by connecting with people who make sense to be a part of your digital world.

Third, the whole point of making connections in the social media world is to be interacting about topics that matter and will help advance your career or increase your sales, etc. If you are following the wrong people (not bad people, just people who can’t get you get where you want to go!) then you won’t have the opportunity to see posts from those who can help you or, better yet, want to engage in business with you or your company.

Again, a great idea might be to hire a company, like Harmonia Media, that can manage your “social media life” and make sure you are connected in a meaningful, prosperous way.

3. Post and Post Again!

This feels like a no brainer and almost so obvious we shouldn’t be discussing it. If you aren’t active (daily if possible!) on your chosen social media platforms you won’t see posts that could be the start of a great conversation, nor will people see anything from you. This is a big risk because consistent posting creates trust and keeps your company top of mind for prospects. If you aren’t there, you can’t be seen, right?

If you do the right things, social media can work its magic and drive potential clients right to your website. Getting lazy will do the opposite. Or at the very least, it will do absolutely nothing for your company.

Instead, make an investment in social media and get in on the conversation. Everyone is doing it. And, if all your clients and prospects are doing it, that’s not only where you want to be, it’s where you NEED to be to grow your business.

Need content, social media or other digital marketing assistance? Contact Harmonia Media for a free consultation at or fill out our convenient online contact form.

Why You Need to Upgrade SEO on Your Website

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Without a great SEO strategy, one that gets reviewed and tweaked often, your website won’t come up in searches on Google, Bing or any other browser.

Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author and top web marketing influencer, said, “75 percent of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search.”

In the same article, Patel joked, “Where should you bury something that you don’t want people to find? Answer: On the second page of Google!” Hahahaha!

Bottom line: Your website needs to rank on the first page of Google. And the only way you’re going to get to page one is by partnering with a digital marketing agency that rocks SEO strategy–organic and paid.

Not yet convinced? Here’s some more benefits of SEO:

Want more high-quality leads? You need SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the most strategic way to drive high-quality leads. 

Need to measure ROI?

You need SEO.

Worried you’re writing checks that your website metrics can’t cash? When you upgrade your SEO, you can measure, improve and re-evaluate your Analytics. You will always be able to know which keywords worked best, how many people clicked to your site and even how long visitors stayed on each page!

Want to beat out your competition?

You guessed it! You need SEO.

You know you have competition.  I’m hard-pressed to think of a company that makes/ sells a product or service that isn’t available for purchase in all types of sizes, colors, flavors, etc. (Maybe NASA?) If your company’s site has been optimized for search and a competitor’s hasn’t been, it’s fairly clear which website will be getting more traffic. SEO, in this case, is a huge billboard to your website. With a lack of well designed “billboards” from the competition, clients will be directed to you!

SEO Is Always Working

Let’s say you sell high-end cutlery. Customers are not always focused on buying new knives, are they? However, where do you want to be when someone is on the market for some new steak knives? Top of Mind! With great SEO, your website will be a go-to option whenever your customer is ready!

These are only a few of the reasons why every company with a website should invest in best-practices SEO.

Harmonia Media would love to help your website get to Page 1 on Google. Let’s jump on a call to discuss how we can help drive paying customers your way. 

Nurturing Emails Keep Your Company and Products Top of Mind

(This is the second blog post in a multi-part series about the many wonders of content marketing. Read the first blog, “High Quality Content Supports Sales Teams,” here. The third part of the series will focus on the importance of providing online customers with the highest quality service.)

When I get spun up over someone or something that is getting in my way, my fiance often suggests I act like a goldfish. Goldfish have an average attention span of a measly nine seconds. If you can act like a goldfish, you will be able to “let things go” and move on from stressors quickly.

And, while this goldfish advice may, in the moment, take me from an eight to a 15 on the stressed-out scale, I’ve found it actually works eventually. When I can do it, I slowly drift back to my normal level of six.

And, now, for a really frightening statistic! A new Microsoft report says people actually have less of an attention span than a goldfish. The study says the average Internet user loses concentration after viewing something for only eight seconds! With all the constant more, more, more information coming at us, it makes sense that our brains have to pick and choose–super fast–what to spend our precious time on.

Why should you care about goldfish and attention span averages? Simply put, if you don’t grab the attention of your website visitor/blog reader/online store shopper immediately when they land on your page, they’ll be gone. Poof. On to the next website, likely to one of your competitors.

The topic of making sure all of your content is high quality to delight and intrigue visitors/prospective customers (and keep search engines like Google happy) has been covered many times on the Harmonia Media blog. Check out this article or this one and even Part 1 of this series, “High-Quality Content Supports Sales Teams” for details.

Or, send me an email at to discuss your website content and how we can keep visitors from bouncing!

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After They Bounce or Buy…

These are two very different groups of people most of the time. But not always. In fact, statistics say people will visit a website many times before making a purchase.

So, if someone comes to your website and bounces fast, they may be the one that got away.

However, if you already have their information from a previous contact, they may just be circling the fish bowl and need some incentive to bite.

You need to lure them back to the hook! Or offer an irresistible Call to Action (CTA) in digital marketing speak!

Either way, if you have email addresses from people who have opted in to receive messages from your company (or phone numbers for texting purposes), you are sitting on a gold mine. (Wish I had a fish reference to use here. Oh, well…. As I was saying….)

Nurturing email campaigns offer an amazing opportunity to get in touch and stay top of mind and be there when people do need what you are selling. Receiving an email from you that makes them laugh or gives them a nugget of good information (news they can use!) is a great way to say, essentially, “Hey, don’t forget about us! We are still here! Reach out when you need us!) You can even include a few links back to your website and maybe one to a buy-now offer.

But, be careful. If you are sending emails to your list that come across as ads, you will get more “unsubscribes” than anything else. People don’t want to know more about you; if they do they will find out on your site or contact you.

They want to know that you understand them, that you feel their pain or problem and have a solution that will ease it or solve it.

Let me repeat that in another way. Whatever you sell, be it a product or service, you know competition for customers is quite fierce in the marketplace. How will you stand out? The best way is to make customers feel that you understand their needs and that your product or service will help them overcome their challenges. You want them to immediately say to themselves: “THIS is what I need!”

It’s about the customers, not your company. Get it? It’s kind of like “if you build it they will come”–as long as you don’t hit them over the head with the bat.

Email Nurturing Funnels

The bottom line, you need to identify the type of people in your email database. Can you group them by the product they purchased or what they inquired about previously?

If you can do this, create email marketing funnels that speak to particular pain points. For example, if you sell nutritional supplements and you offer weight loss products as well as protein shakes for athletes, don’t mix up your messages. Anyone interested in weight loss will likely not be buying a high-calorie shake anytime soon. And, vice versa.

If you aren’t able to separate your audiences into email marketing funnels, focus on more universal topics in your eNewsletter and add a few links to attract various parts of your audience.

Why You Need an Email Nurturing Campaign

It’s cheaper to keep her, that’s why. It’s far easier to sell to a customer who has already purchased from you than to acquire a new lead and convince them to buy. (Besides you are doing the latter with other digital marketing strategies anyway. Right now, we are talking about staying in touch with existing customers!)

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating email nurturing funnels, why not consider allowing Harmonia Media to do the heavy lifting? Contact us now for a free phone consultation.

No obligation other than to tell us your pain points so we can figure out the best solution within your budget. Email or call (800) 531-3704.

High Quality Content Supports Sales Teams

If you dig up an old college business book, you would likely find plenty of information about “sales and marketing” teams–how they work hand-in-hand to advance company sales goals.

More recently, however, and certainly since the dawn of the Digital Age, the two groups have been a bit more segregated. One seems responsible for meeting bottom line goals and the other has the job of “getting the word out” and making sure branding sticks.

Need help with branding? You’re not alone! Many companies rely on the “hope” strategy (as in, let’s hope people find us online.) Hope doesn’t work.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and great content are the digital strategy you need to get your brand out there

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While both sales and marketing teams do have many different methods of reaching goals, marketing–specifically content marketing – has the job of, let’s say, “leading the horse to water.” (It’s the sales team’s job to make them drink.)

That being said, high-quality digital content, important for both Google and User Experience (UX), has to veer into the sales lane quite a bit when it comes to actually convincing a website visitor to take action. That’s why all those “buy now,” “click here,” “download this” buttons are examples of what digital marketers refer to as “calls to action.”

Simply put, great content intrigues and offers information and insight into more than just the product but how the product solves the customer’s problem. Content also does more than simply inform; it has to connect with the prospective customer so they want to buy from this particular website, now…as opposed to continuing their research and possibly making the decision to buy on the competition’s website.

So, content helps get the customer to the transaction, sales closes the deal, but there’s one more part of the puzzle that is extremely important. And, funny enough, it circles back to great content once again. (They don’t say “Content is King” for nothing!)

Customer service and strong customer nurturing are both critical to keeping customers happy. According to, “customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. If you cannot keep up with their increasing demands, your customers will leave you.”

But, how does a company keep customers “happy” when everything is transactional? Long gone are the days of “face to face” sales for the most part–certainly as it relates to online shopping.

This is where the three pathways converge. The content marketing team and customer service can support the sales team, digitally and by phone/chat, respectively.

In the next segment of this multi-part blog series, we will focus on how nurturing emails keep your company and product top of mind for customers. Look out for it next week!

In the meantime, Harmonia Media is looking for companies, like yours, that want to improve their user experience online and nurture their prospects and customers so they not only remain loyal but they brag about you to their friends and family.

If you are willing to jump on a quick consultation call–FREE of Charge–to see if there are ways we can help you grow your business online, click here and fill out our convenient online contact form. 

Budget-Friendly Web Companies Exist

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If your website isn’t driving the customer traffic you want (or that it used to), you owe it to your bottom line to find a new digital marketing company that will steer the ship back on course. 

  • Maybe your site needs some back end tweaks?
  • Maybe it’s time for a website redesign?
  • Maybe the content isn’t driving customer interest?
  • Maybe you need to nurture your leads?

When the list of “maybes” goes on and on but your budget doesn’t, we can help.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But Harmonia Media will help you make sense of it all and, on your say so, prepare an affordable digital marketing strategy that will not only drive traffic but sales!

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3 Top Tips for Selecting a Digital Marketing Company

If you are in business today, you are doing business online. Or, at least you should be. 

After all, “online is where all your potential customers are looking for what you sell.

Whether you are actually selling your product or service online, or simply using the Internet for branding and awareness purposes (marketing), you will best grow your client base by using the Internet to communicate with customers and prospects.

If you don’t have a website,

stop right here and


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If you’re not doing business online these days, you’re likely not doing much business.

Is It Time for a Website Refresh? 

OK, let’s say you do have an online presence but it’s not working so well. Maybe it never did. Maybe it was effective when you first launched but now there are any number of challenges that are keeping potential customers from either finding you or clicking “buy now” once they are on your site.

These may include bad SEO, poor quality content, lack of user experience, horrible or outdated design…the list goes on and on.

Further, digital marketing is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Google changes its algorithms daily. Best practices get updated. New ways to attract customers online surface all the time.

There is nothing wrong with taking a real, hard look at your website, in partnership with an experienced digital marketing agency and making some updates that will drive customers and improve your bottom line.

So, you need digital marketing help. 

How do you choose the right digital marketing company for your brand?

Here are 3 TOP things to consider when choosing a digital marketing company.

  • Start with a Consultation! Think of it like a first date…maybe a second and third. Not all service providers are a fit for all clients. For example, as a business owner, do you want to be involved with every decision from start to finish? Or, would you prefer to focus on your daily business and allow your new marketing company to manage the project (with your input, of course!)

Your answer to these questions should play a huge part in which firm you hire.

  • Consider your budget. Wouldn’t it be great if budget wasn’t an issue and you had all the money in the world to spend on marketing?

If you do have a large budget, that’s great–make sure you choose a web company that will maximize every dollar.

However, if you are working with a tight marketing budget, be sure to choose a digital marketing company that understands your financial constraints and is willing to customize a program that grows with you.

  • Choose a Full-Service Agency. You may not need a full website refresh, perhaps you only need a revamped SEO strategy or better content. Maybe what you really need is a customer nurturing campaign. Digital marketing comprises a wide range of services. The last thing you want to do is have to cobble together several companies when you can choose one with the expertise to do it all.

Selecting a full-service provider like Harmonia Media will ensure that all projects are being properly integrated. Moreover, one experienced firm that can determine what you need help with now–and as you grow–will be far more cost-effective in the long run.

One BONUS Tip…

Every company out there boasts about customer service. Consider all the companies you do business with right now (or in the past.) Are you getting treated the way you want? Are you bouncing around from contact to contact? Do you feel like your digital marketing company values your business?

At Harmonia Media, we offer concierge customer service. You’ll always feel like our most important client because you deserve nothing less. Find out more about the Harmonia Difference and fill out our contact form (or call 800.531.3704 or email to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

It all begins with “hello…”

Does Your Website Have to Be ADA Compliant? Maybe. Find Out!

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of User Experience (UX). We know it’s critically important to make sure all visitors to your website are happy, that they can navigate the site easily and are taken through a pathway that gets them to make a purchase or take another action (such as sign up, or download, or contact you, etc.)

Imagine having a disability that makes using the computer more difficult, blindness or a dexterity challenge, as examples. If this were you, it would be quite a job to simply surf the net, much less find what you are looking for and buy it.

There is a law that would help you and does currently help others who have disabilities. It’s called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and it includes a number of provisions that seek to make life easier for those with challenges.

As it relates to websites, there is a section of the ADA that requires companies to make sure their websites are capable of being navigated by someone with a disability. The law requires the ability to make the text larger for those with sight impairments and an icon that a deaf person can click to enable video content to be posted on the screen. In fact, there are many ways to make a website ADA-compliant.

Harmonia Media will help you

make sure your website complies with ADA rules.

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Why is ADA Compliance Important?

First off, it’s the right thing to do. But, much more importantly, in a business sense, it’s critically important to make sure your site complies with ADA rules because the punishment for failing to comply is VERY EXPENSIVE. If your business falls into one of the categories listed below, your website must be ADA compliant. 

Failure to comply with ADA guidelines for websites may result in exorbitant fines!

That being said, the guidelines are so confusing!

The laws have been challenged in many states. The bottom line is that, in general, most courts have all said something that sounds like the following in response to Does the ADA require companies to make sure their websites follow ADA guidelines?

  • Yes. Any website advertising or promoting a business is a “public accommodation” and, therefore, must adhere to the accommodations listed in the ADA guidelines.
  • Yes, but only if the business also has a brick and mortar location.
  • No, since the Act doesn’t specifically include websites, it doesn’t apply.


Why is ADA Compliance for Websites So Confusing?

We know the ADA says businesses with physical locations must be accessible to all customers. These accommodations may include Braille, wheelchair accessibility and audio considerations. Additionally, the ADA speaks to “public accommodations” but not to digitally-accessed businesses. 

The ADA was passed in 1990; websites were hardly a thing. Therefore, the law doesn’t address digital access with regard to ADA compliance. Of course, the ADA has been amended in the past 21 years but not with regard to websites. This leaves everyone with a big question: Do websites have to be made ADA compliant?

That’s a hole in the law, for certain.

But, it hasn’t stopped people who would benefit from ADA accommodations from civilly suing companies that don’t have ADA compliant websites. It’s up to the specific court. If a judge decides the business should have an ADA compliant site, heavy fines can be levied against the defending company.

The Bottom Line on Websites & ADA Compliance

The law doesn’t specifically require businesses to follow particular rules. However, many lower court judges have ruled in favour of plaintiffs and have sentenced the companies to pay very hefty fines. 

With that being said, don’t wait until you get sued! Make sure your website is ADA accessible now. You can even advertise that it is and possibly attract a new clientele that didn’t know about your company before. 

Harmonia Media will take care of all the work for you! Contact us now to find out the ins and outs of website ADA compliance. And, remember, law or no law, making your website accessible to all is a great way to create amazing UX.

Nurture Your e-Customers – Past & Present!

It costs less to encourage current customers to buy more than it costs to acquire new customers. You probably have heard this many times before. And, yet, we see it time and time again — companies are focused on dollar signs and, instead of nurturing current customers, they focus almost exclusively on driving new traffic to their websites.

I can’t shout this loud enough: when it comes to increasing web sales, your digital marketing strategy MUST include a nurturing program, with emails and texts, to your current customers (and also former customers who need a reminder about your company!)

Getting out there and attracting new clients is awesome. 

The more the merrier! However, if you already have a list of people who are doing business with you (and those who have done business with you), why wouldn’t you stay in touch with them? By staying in touch with them on a regular basis, you are getting onto their radar screen…staying top of mind.

People get busy, right? Do you ever buy something, love it but run out and forget to reorder? Or, maybe you bought something online, really enjoyed it, but never went back to that website to see what else might have your “name” on it? This has happened to all of us!

But you can do something about it right now. It’s never too late to nurture current and former customers.

Shortly after your first sale, email the customer and ask them to leave you a 5 Star Google review. And offer them an incentive to buy again or try something new!

If it’s someone who hasn’t purchased in a while, make them some sweet deal offers. People respond to BOGO or a significant percentage off of the current web price. If a customer forgot about you, remind them with a deal they can’t refuse!

You can also ask them to actively refer your company to a friend in exchange for an incentive.

Paying for Clicks is More Expensive than Email Nurturing

These days, the world of PPC is very crowded. Unless you do something or sell something that is incredibly rare, paying for clicks is going to be an investment. Sure, it’s an investment that will pay off in terms of winning new customers. But, while you are doing PPC, you shouldn’t forget about the customers whom you’ve already won!

Think about it this way…why spend all of your time and money trying to get the attention of someone who doesn’t know you when you can also be catching up with old friends (paying customers!)

When was the last time you reached out to an existing client? Maybe it was to just say “thank you” for making a purchase. Probably right after you collected payment for services rendered or products delivered, right?

No. No. No! It’s so important that you stay in contact with customers early and often; you want to be on their radar screens. If you don’t remind them to buy from you, who will? You can increase sales exponentially by simply working on a strategy to re-engage current and former customers. 

If you are wondering where to even begin, here’s the simple answer. Reach out to Harmonia Media and ask about email and text nurturing campaigns. This is what we do (among plenty of other digital marketing services and we would love to help you!)

Here’s a Quick Look at What a Customer Retention Program Might Look Like

To begin with, what exactly is customer retention? Great question! A customer retention strategy is simply an effort to get customers–people who have made purchases from your website– to visit your site again and be encouraged to click that “buy now” button again and again!

In the past, when snail mail postcards were all the rage, companies sent them out to customers, incentivizing them to buy again. No reason to cut down trees! We have email and it’s very easy to set up a series of emails — a campaign funnel, if we are using digital marketing speak — to stay in touch with your customers and give them reasons to return to your website.

Additionally, as mentioned, a nurturing campaign for former customers is a great way to bring them back into the fold. Perhaps they didn’t buy again for a good reason. That doesn’t mean you can’t say “hello” and give them a reason to try something else you sell.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty of sales to gain! If you reach out and they “unsubscribe,” no harm, no foul, right? But….what if they buy again??

According to Shopify, “Customer retention strategies enable you to both provide and extract more value from your existing customer base. You want to ensure the customers you worked so hard to acquire stay with you, have a great customer experience, and continue to get value from your products.”

It’s time to find out if Harmonia Media’s concierge service is right for you. 

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