Latest and Greatest for SEO in 2023

Latest and Greatest for SEO in 2023

January 18, 2023

SEO, Search Engine Optimization in layman’s terms – what is it and how will it help my company’s website? That is the billion-dollar question businesses around the globe ask themselves each day!

If you are a small to medium sized business trying to increase the number of eyeballs on your company’s website, SEO is how you facilitate doing this. In 2023 optimizing how your business may be found online should be an essential part of your marketing Strategy.

Maximizing SEO for a website is complicated for the inexperienced. If you need help figuring this out be sure to click here. To advise on best practices on the latest and greatest strategies on optimizing your company’s online footprint, we decided to interview an outside colleague for 3rd party representation, Front End Web Developer Typhaney Bennett of Sandoval Agency has shared five sage SEO tips. Thanks for your knowledge Typhaney!

1. Keywords

The majority of websites ranking their content have keywords in their title tag as well as in their content. This helps search engines decide whether the content is relevant or irrelevant to the public. Title tags should be clear, contain relevant keywords and be approximately 60 characters. This will be what the user sees as the title of the page in search results. Keywords should be added naturally to fit semantically into the title. Keyword research is vital in 2023.

2. Content is King

The more content on a page, the better. Search engines, such as Google, want to know that the content that someone is clicking on will be a valuable resource to them. If a user clicks on a webpage and they exit the page in just a few seconds, that is a negative flag and the search engine will lower that page’s rank. Conversely, if someone clicks on content and they stay and they read, that will algorithmically boost the webpage’s ranking because the search engine sees that the content was valuable to the user.

3. Optimizing Images

Speed is extremely important, so you want to make sure the picture files you use on a webpage are optimized for size. You also must properly name your images and have the proper keywords listed as well as for accessibility. Alt tags are metadata that offer text descriptions of the web image you are using – a simple description of the picture (if you use a picture showing the skyline and the beach of Miami, Florida, the summary of the image would simply be “Miami skyline with the beach in the background”).

4. Website Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

Make sure your website loads quickly. A slow website will drag down your page rankings. As noted in the previous paragraph, properly sizing and tagging images is vital. Time is of the essence and search engines have a need for speed!

People want to access websites whenever, wherever and on whatever type device they please. Your website must be easily viewable on a mobile device. According to Statista, in 2021, the number of unique mobile internet users globally was 4.32 billion — over 90percent of the internet population! Mobile technologies, such as phones and tablets, are becoming more affordable, so the number of users should continue to rise. As of 2022, mobile internet traffic accounts for 55 percent of total web traffic.

5. Backlinks

We wrote extensively about the importance of backlink strategy in 2018. Backlinks help spread content out around the web, getting word out about a business and helping search engines recognize that the content coming from a particular website is providing valuable information – because of “social proof”. In other words, the more places the website is showing up online, the more it is recognized in search engines.

Your website is now SEO ready for 2023! According to Google Search Essentials, “It doesn’t cost any money to appear in Google Search results, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.” If you’re not paying for advertising, SEO best practices are vital. How vital? According to Brightedge Research, organic search remains the dominant source of trackable web traffic, a whopping 53.3%!

~ by Marc Kravitz

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