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  • Web Design & Development
  • Awesome Content
  • Lead-Driving SEO
  • PPC/Facebook ADS
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


We specialize in working with small businesses.

Up to 236%

A Home Care company located in around 30 cities engaged with Harmonia Media SEO practices and received 236% more website traffic.

Grow of 3125%

From an average of 16 leads per day. After hiring Harmonia Media, the company grew to an average of 500 life insurance leads per day. The company is now generating over $150,000 in revenue per month, and is one of the largest life insurance lead generation services on the Internet today!

Reduced cost by 50%

Medical Mastermind: Six nationally recognized PPC management firms were selected to compete for their business. Our PPC team persevered, outperforming digital marketing juggernauts like Orange Soda and winning the contract. Over the course of several months, we reduced the cost-per-lead by 50% while producing double the volume of leads as our predecessor.

500k in revenue

A Ski Resort and Adventure services company located in Utah – Harmonia Media digital marketing and SEO services helped increase revenue for them by over $500,000 in the first year! Due to positive growth and strong internet presence, one of their companies was sold for millions.


Business consulting and marketing company that provides high-quality digital and internet marketing solutions.

Harmonia Media specializes in working with small businesses—because we know from personal experience what it takes to be an entrepreneur and small business owner in a fast-paced world.

And we recognize that in this era of ever-evolving technology, we can be “seasoned” one minute and “newbies” the next. So, for everyone from the first-time business person to the long-time business owner, we are here to help you attain the visibility, speed, and innovation made possible through the latest developments in electronic marketing technology.

Website Design & Development
An exciting, robust online “home” engages new prospects!
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PPC/Facebooks Ads
Attract customers to your brand with eye-catching digital ads!
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Awesome Content
Targeted, high-quality content compels customers to take action!
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Connect with local customers looking for what you sell!
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Lead-Driving SEO
Get found faster with strategic Search Engine Optimization!
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Email Marketing
Inform and nurture clients and prospects with targeted emails!
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