Not Lowering the Flags for McCain Right Away? I. Just. Can’t. Even.

Have you ever been in a real courtroom or watched a courtroom drama on television and heard the judge ordered the jury to “disregard” whatever was just said in open court?

If you’re like me, you think, “no one can unhear that.” Despite the judge’s request, the words loom large. It doesn’t matter that the utterance should never have been said out loud. As they say, you can’t unspill milk.

That’s how I feel about reputation in general. You get a few times in life, if you are lucky, to reinvent yourself. If you move, for example, you can use it as a way to get a fresh start in a new place with people who are meeting you for the first time. Similarly, a new job or going to college often present similar opportunities to begin again…to reinvent yourself.

It’s with that in mind that I just don’t understand President Trump’s decision — at first — to refuse to lower flags to half staff in honour of Senator John McCain’s passing. Eventually, he agreed to honour the American hero, the way every modern-day president before him has done when a member of Congress has passed.

But we’ll remember the hours when the flags flew high. We can’t unsee that.

Of course, we know that history is not kind to people in lofty positions who fall short of our expectations. President Bill Clinton…well, I needn’t elaborate on this point. We all know that Clinton will be known for a lot of things, positive and less so. And, he will always be the man who “didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.”

But did. And we can’t un-know that.

The issue is simply this: it’s true you only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s also true that you have day after day after day to put yourself in a better light. You can’t disappear a grievous mistake, but you can learn from it and try to do better. You can try to reinvent yourself.

For companies, operating without a brand-protecting digital marketing strategy is like sailing a ship without a captain. It’s going nowhere fast. And, chances are, it’s going to crash.

Attention business owners: don’t wait until you have a problem to fix it. Act, don’t react to market changes.

Partner with a digital marketing company that will not only protect your reputation but be by your side when something goes awry. A sound digital strategy for web design and development, optimization (SEO), high-quality content and social media management will keep you ahead of the curve and firmly on track for success.

And, if you have someone who decides to tweet errantly without regard for reputation, working with a partner like Harmonia Media ensures your access to a fixer, as well.

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How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

A new Clutch report revealed some not-so-astounding statistics about the way business owners view their online marketing strategy. First off, the vast majority of those surveyed recognize that digital is the way to go when it comes to sharing brand messaging and connecting with consumers. Smart.

Second, and this shouldn’t come as a revelation, the main objective for companies who spend on digital marketing efforts is “to increase sales and revenue.” Duh.

Other results of the survey, published on Adotas:

  • Businesses are relying on social media, their own website and email marketing to reach customers.(This makes sense. You need to find your prospective customers where they are and surely most are hanging out on the web and checking their inboxes.)
  • Small companies believe digital marketing is the best way to get their name out there while larger businesses think their online digital footprint is the quickest route to distinguish themselves from the competition!

OK, I’m not going to disparage the survey but this seems short-sighted for small and mid-sized companies. Competition for SMBs is exponential. Getting your name out there is not enough… you need to connect with customers and give them a reason to learn more about you.

Further, while digital marketing is, indeed, the best way to stand out in a crowd, the key to boosting leads and sales isn’t having the best message. It’s capturing the attention of the crowd and compelling them to take action.

  • And, 83% of companies surveyed believe their digital marketing is working.

This is where I start questioning the numbers. For me, the real question is: how do you know what you don’t know?

  • Do you think your digital marketing strategy is working because your web company tells you the numbers are up?
  • Are you certain your current digital marketing company is doing everything possible to maximize your spend?
  • And, even if you said “yes” to the first two questions: would you like to be driving more leads and closing more deals? Yes, again? Read on.

You owe it to yourself and your balance sheet to check out your web company’s competition. At Harmonia Media, transparency is the key to our success. We tell you what you need and we get the job done. (Our job is to get you more paying customers.)

If you think it’s possible that you don’t know what you don’t know about digital marketing strategy, contact Harmonia Media for a free consultation.


It’s Not About New Math…It’s About More Customers

I don’t do the math. At all. In fact, I was just telling someone last night that I never got past algebra in high school and coasted through college by taking meteorology and geology to satisfy the math/science requirement.

For the record though, I took Honors English, French 5 and Spanish 3 in my senior year of high school and went on to minor in English and French in college — so there.


I bring this up because I’ve been reading a lot about metrics lately. And that word reminds me of a whole different kind of crazy math that I never understood, as well. Remember metrics? It was the “new math” and we all had to figure out how to convert miles to kilos or litres to quarts.

What’s the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit? (psttt… here you go…

Oy, I don’t know. My head is spinning thinking about it.

Today, metrics is a concept worth paying attention to because unlike “new math,” website analytics and metrics are going to only become more important as digital marketing evolves.

Yeah, tracking metrics is difficult to understand. There are plenty of ways to analyze the numbers and report metrics — the most valuable, of course, being ROI (return on investment.)

I’m not a metrics expert (though I have plenty on my Harmonia team) but I do know that if you are tracking the right things, tweaking as you go, you will drive more traffic which will result in more leads and sales.

Seems far more worthwhile than knowing how many centimetres are in a meter.

We were forced as kids to believe we were going to need metrics to survive. Turns out, that’s not true.

But believe me when I say that you can’t do business on the Internet (which means you can’t do business) if you don’t keep your eye on the numbers.

My advice? Don’t give up on metrics just because may feel overwhelmed or confused. Just as you hope people will come to your business looking for your expertise, Harmonia Media is here for you when it comes to digital marketing. We would love the chance to review your website metrics and your analytics. We’ll provide honest feedback and work with you to boost your ROI.

Look at it this way: you don’t have to know how to go about analyzing your website. You need to partner with a company that isn’t going to take your money and run for the hills. You need to choose a digital marketing agency that will explain as it goes (if you want to know!) and doesn’t believe in the set-it-and-forget-it approach to metrics.

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I like to think about website metrics the way I think about the dentist. I don’t really want to go and probably won’t love the process while it’s happening. But when it’s over I’m going to be really happy to get the “all clear – no cavities” sign from the doctor.

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