Just Say NO to the “Way It’s Always Been Done”

Soapbox time. Thanks, in advance, for allowing me to vent. I promise the point I make in the next two minutes will change your perspective.

Ready? OK.

Are you a leader or a follower? You’ve probably heard that question, asked that question of others…heck…wondered why some think the answer is such a big deal.

It should not be a big deal to others, but it is an interesting way to view yourself.

Case in point…

I know I’m a leader. I want to be in charge. I have lots of ideas and opinions and, at least according to the coffee mug my coworkers bought me, “You’re entitled to MY opinion.”

Yes, I’ve been called bossy. The horror! Bossy people get sh*t done.

But I digress…

The fact is that I’ve noticed the organizations that ask if you are a leader or follower think they want lots of leaders around. No one wants sheep, right? They want to attract vibrant go-getters — strong people who are willing to jump in and IT is done.

The problem is that those are the very organizations who already know how they want it done. In fact, for better or worse, ’til death does them part, there’s no changing “the way we’ve always done it.”

The situation can, and for me, often is,  infuriating. You want my money. You ask for new ideas. And then you do it the same way, without an upgrade, it’s always been done.

I hate this because I am a Queen Bee, not a worker bee.

Why can’t we do it a new way? In fact, in business, we have no choice to change and grow. People change. Options change. Grow or die.

And, the truth is, doing the same old is detrimental for many reasons.

  • Real leaders disengage if they are treated like sheep. 
  • If you don’t try something new, it’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of something new. 
  • Plus, we grow from mistakes. Never taking a chance means you guarantee stagnation.

Some say, if you do it the way you’ve always done it, the results will be what you’ve always gotten.

No, ‘Fraid not.

At best, you have a lot of disgruntled sheep and some leaders who get very good at complaining from their perches about “doing all the work.”

There’s always a new way. Often, a better way. This doesn’t mean throwing away the tried and true.

This lesson is especially valid in the world of digital marketing.

Google tweaks its algorithms daily which means best practices on how to optimally drive web traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes daily.

Great content requires constant upgrades because let’s face it, your business is constantly evolving. New products and offerings increase your bottom line. And even if you aren’t adding to your business, upgraded high-quality content makes Google happy.

Rinse and repeat.

If your digital marketing company has always done it the same way and your web traffic and sales reflect that stale behaviour, you owe it to your client and customers to find a new web company.

At Harmonia Media, there are no bad ideas. In fact, we’ve got lots of great ones about how to increase your bottom line.

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Why You Need a Newsletter (And Tips for Making Yours GREAT!)

Your inbox is probably full of them. It seems everyone is sending out a newsletter to current customers and prospects. How many do you open? Further, do you ever click through to go to the website, read the article or scan the offer?

It’s been at least a minute since you looked at your email. How many of those many newsletters do you even remember?

Yeah. That’s the problem with newsletters. Companies pour tons of money and brainpower into developing them and managing their email lists but few hit the mark. It’s discouraging for certain…

Let’s start with whether or not you need a newsletter. Let me ask you this…do you want to communicate with your customers? Do you want to share news of sales and other offers? Do you want to be top of mind when someone they know asks for a referral? On the prospect side, do you know how steep your competition is?

Assuming you answered “yes” to every one of those questions, I’ll answer the big question the same way. Does your company need nurturing e-newsletter? YES!

“Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs Content Marketing 2019 reports found that 87% of B2B marketers name email as their top tactic for nurturing their audience while 80% of B2C marketers named it as their top tactic,” according to an article on Top Rank Marketing.

Tip 1. Focus on the Reader NOT Your Company

Huh? What’s the point of a newsletter if you aren’t going to share your news, right? Yes, and no. It’s all in the presentation. Just like with a great sales pitch, it’s important to focus the letter on the needs of the reader. They don’t yet know they need what you are emailing about. They do know what they need right at this moment. Focus on how your product or service fills the need they might have.

An example: Let’s say you sell cars. Instead of writing about your new car that just hit the lot or the great finance deal you have, focus on the grind of getting to work in rush hour in a car that might be less than optimally viable.

I’m frustrated and the last thing I want to think about is car shopping. But…when it’s hot out and I have no AC and you tell me about how I deserve to be more comfortable…well now I’m listening.

Tip 2. Offer News They Can Use

Oh, and by the way, we mean news that isn’t about you. Of course, connect your company in a subtle way to the point of the letter. However, focus on something your readers don’t know but want to learn.

Again, refer to No. 1 above. Never lose sight of what the reader wants to be reading. The moment you do, they won’t be reading your email anymore.

Tip 3. Personalize All Email Correspondence

Let’s go back to my very first point. We are all inundated with so much email that there simply isn’t time in the day. You can hit the target with Tips 1 & 2 listed here, but what will it matter if no one reads your newsletter.

Therefore, narrow the focus on your subject lines. You may not attract the attention of every recipient but you will catch the eye of those who need to know about what you are emailing them about. Choose a different focus to capture another area of your market in the next newsletter.

Another lesson we should all keep in mind is that there will inevitably be people that our content is NOT for. Ann recommends focusing on our “Doris” and not on those people who our letters are not intended for.


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