Get People to “BUY NOW:” Use Chatbots to Upgrade UX

Get People to “BUY NOW:” Use Chatbots to Upgrade UX

June 7, 2022

When you get the urge to buy something, whether a new gadget or food or a replacement part for your stove (or absolutely anything else!) — where do you turn? Google or Amazon, right?

And, then, with a few keystrokes, you poke around, hopefully find what you are looking for and, if the price is right, you BUY NOW!

But, what if you have some questions? 

What if you cannot find what you are looking for when you click to get some more information on the product in your cart? 

What if the company’s website is difficult to navigate? 

Worse yet, what if you can’t figure out how to contact the company?

What do you do then? That’s easy! You bounce.

Enter Chatbots

You know ‘em. You love ‘em. Well, maybe not. But they are incredibly helpful and all research points to the fact that more customers will stay on your website and buy from you if you install a chatbot feature on your site. 

Top Reasons Your Website Needs a Chatbot Feature 

  • You can answer customer questions fast
  • You can personalize the user experience on your site–and people love that!
  • Chatbots make people feel like they are able to help themselves in the moment
  • Reduce call times and workload on your agents
  • Bottom line: your customers will be happier and less frustrated
  • Smart chatbots are available when your live agents are not!

Life Without Chatbots

On the other hand, without a chatbot on your website, here’s the customer scenario:

They get frustrated when they can’t get answers to their questions. Then they leave your site and find another company selling the same thing, or something similar. And, if shipping is free and fast–woo hoo, you are delighted and practically standing by the mailbox waiting, right?

Get the Facts!

According to a recent report released by Drift, there are many reasons people get upset with companies and choose not to buy from them. The top three, the ones you can absolutely attend to and fix are these:

People hate it when…

  • They can’t get immediate answers to seemingly simple questions.
  • They get frustrated with the user experience of the website itself–this confusing navigation, slow loads, etc.
  • They can’t easily find a phone number or way to contact the company.

The report makes one thing very clear. People don’t want to wait at all! They want information and they want it Right. In. The. Moment.

Which brings us back to chatbots!

This is not rocket science. Think about your own experience when you are shopping online. More often than not, you are not just “kicking tires.” You want/need to make a purchase. And if you have a question, you want an answer now.

On the other hand, let’s say you are just window shopping and need information to help propel you toward a decision. Then, you have questions and you want answers now.

Bottom line, people want to be able to easily find the information they need or contact you quickly to find out. And gone are the days when anyone is willing to send an email and wait. Today’s online shoppers would compare that waiting game with a colonial ancestor waiting for Paul Revere to ride by with the mail…someday.

This goes for forms, too. When someone fills out a contact form, the wait for a response is maddening. Customers feel the “need for speed” and sometimes any amount of time waiting is too long.

Chatbot technology is far from new, but Internet shoppers, according to the Drift report, say they will use a chatbot to get an immediate response from a company.

According to Drift: “Just 11% of survey respondents expect immediate responses from forms, compared to 42% for chatbots.”

People think about chatbots like they are having a real time conversation with an agent who can help right away.

Maybe it’s time you updated your web-based communications to increase “buy now” opportunities? Give Harmonia Media a call and we will suggest several ways to upgrade your users’ experience online.

We are ready to chat. Are you? Call (800) 531-3704 to schedule an appointment.

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