Guaranteed Solution to Make Your Google Business Profile a Customer Magnet

Guaranteed Solution to Make Your Google Business Profile a Customer Magnet

June 24, 2022

If you have a business and you want to find customers online, it’s extremely important to claim your business profile page on what most people still call Google My Business. The company recently updated the name to avoid confusion. Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile.

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With your business name, location and category, you can claim your profile page.  Once claimed, your page will appear in Google Maps.

It’s not until you put in some time and effort to make the most of your Google Business Profile that it will truly help guide customers to your online “door”—your homepage.

Who Needs a Google Business Profile?

Research reveals that 97 percent of consumers do a Google search to find out about local companies before hiring anyone. Further, when it comes to finding out details about a local business,64 percent use Google Business Profiles.

Most exciting, 16 percent of service companies say more than 100 calls received every come from consumers after checking a company’s Google Business Profile.

In other words, managing your company’s Google profile page is especially important for service companies looking to attract LOCAL customers–companies like plumbers, Heating & Air Conditioning repair, lawn care, bakeries, various types of restaurants and so many others.

Google Business Profiles are also a key marketing tool for professional advisors including accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, doctors, etc.

The world becomes “flatter” by the day, according to New York Times journalist and author Thomas Friedman, because the Internet makes it easy to buy from and interact with people on the other side of the world instantly.

Even so, most people like to hire local companies. In many cases, theyhaveto hire local; why would you hire someone to install a fence if their store was in another state?

It’s not feasible economically nor is it realistic to outsource local work to companies that are not local. This is especially true with today’s gas prices and the current supply chain challenges being experienced across the country.

When you need to hire someone to do something, what do you do? You Google it!

If you want your company to be at the top of the list when someone searches for the service you sell, allow us to pay attention to your Google Business Profile!

We Got You Covered!

Oh, and did we mention, claiming and updating your Google Business Profile is FREE? It’s true!

But the cost may be irrelevant if you are not tech savvy. And most people who are great at what they do don’t keep up with digital marketing best practices. Why would they?

Now, before you get tech-frustrated, it’s important to know that companies like Harmonia Media will not only manage your Google Business Profile but we will take additional steps to continuously update it so your website gets a whole bunch of Google love.

In other words, if Harmonia Media is managing your Google Business Profile, your company will come up at the top of Google results when anyone searches for a business like yours located near them.

Once we help you claim ownership of your company’s page on Google, a world of opportunity will open before your eyes. Local customers will find your website much faster than without a Google Business Profile that is optimized for search. That means MORE SALES!

We will add tons of content to your page and make sure people get all the information you want them to see when they come to your Google Business Profile. This includes your logo, photos, social media links, customer reviews and much more. We will also use this page to maximize search engine optimization (SEO)—another shot on goal to claim customers in your very competitive market!

Rest assured, we will keep Google happy with high quality content so your company gets the attention from prospective customers it deserves!

It’s time to learn what you don’t know about Google Business Profiles! Reach out today!

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