Are You Sick of Living in a Virtual World?

Sorry to have to be the one to reiterate this to you, my friend, but the virtual work world isn’t going anywhere so fast. That means fewer (if any!) in-person conferences and events, hardly any lunch meetings, only online networking programs and MUCH MORE reliance on your website to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk for you.

Find out how digital marketing company Harmonia Media will help upgrade your website, partner with you to design virtual programs to drive new customer leads and get you a seat at the virtual business table.

Like it or not, virtual is permanent. Experts predict that companies that anyone who isn’t comfortable with an almost exclusive focus on doing business online will be stuck in 2019. If you haven’t already expanded your offerings to be virtual, the time is now. Here’s why:

  • It’s a necessity at the moment, and for the foreseeable future. No one is getting together so your chances for rubbing elbows with your next customer is quite unlikely to happen. Very few businesses will be able to survive the pandemic without embracing the trend to sell and service virtually.
  • It’s cheaper. No joke. Think about it. You can bring people together from all over the world to “hear” and “see” you online. You can do this with videos, webinars, interactive Zoom meetings and online events with breakout rooms that allow you to hear various speakers and never ask people to leave the safety of their own space! No travel for them. No overhead costs of choosing a location and hiring a caterer for you.

All you need is a company to help you get the word out about your event! (More on that in a moment.)

  • Moreover, you can do more than you’ve ever done with events and presentations before. You can access the best talent and intellect and present it to your audience on a screen branded with your company! This is simply because the world is the limit when it comes to inviting presenters, expanding topics and attracting an audience. You exponentially increase the efficacy of your outreach! There is literally an entire world of possible clients out there who have never heard of your company. Let’s find them together.

Harmonia Media wants to help you with your virtual efforts and we can not only promote your events and drive an audience, but we can improve your website so people are finding YOU.

Imagine a world where your customers come to you instead of you constantly having to look for them? Harmonia Media is your partner in virtual event promotion. Give us 15 minutes of your time on a FREE phone consultation and we’ll share a world of insight that will help you meet the challenges of 2021 head-on.

Neighbors Who Care

Donations for CentraState’s Healthcare Heroes

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If the response to a call for support for our local hospital, CentraState Medical Center, and our local restaurants, is any indication, our community is STRONG indeed!

What’s Neighbors Who Care?

This is a non-profit community effort to feed our Healthcare Heroes while supporting local restaurants in Freehold, Marlboro and surrounding communities. We are making donations of gift cards to CentraState Medical Center to feed healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly – as well as those who are now sick and quarantined.

We started with one neighbourly “ask” on Nextdoor (Freehold/Marboro feed) and the response from our generous neighbours was incredible. Moreover, restaurant owners wanted to help immediately. Thus, Neighbors Who Care – an effort to bring a little bit of deliciousness to our Healthcare Heroes while benefitting our local amazing eateries

These incredibly generous local businesses are participating at this time: (Please scroll down for offers.)

(Add your restaurant to the list! See contact info below.)

Bagel Talk, Marlboro

Burger Bros, Marlboro

Domino’s Pizza (Freehold and Manalapan)

Empanada Guy, Freehold

Mike’s Pizza (Morganville and Parlin)

Pizza and Pasta Factory, Marlboro

Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria, Marlboro

 (Please scroll down for offers.)

Who will receive the donated Restaurant Gift Cards?

All donations will result in gift cards to be donated to CentraState Medical Center to feed working Healthcare Heroes as well as some who are sick and quarantined at home. (This plan is at the request of Centrastate administrators.)

Your donations will directly benefit our friends, family members and neighbors who are working tirelessly on the front lines of the War Against COVID-19 at CentraState.

How Does It Work?

  • Choose a restaurant listed below.
  • Call or go online (as indicated) and buy a gift card based on their offer.
  • Don’t forget to mention WE CARE to ensure your donation gets routed to our healthcare heroes!

Anything else?

If you own a local eatery, please contact Bari Siegel at 856.465.4539 to add your business and offer to this list.

Don’t forget to mention WE CARE to maximize your gift.

While you’re at it, feel free to order for your family, too! Curbside pickup and local delivery where available.

Please support all our local restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether listed here or not, they are incredibly important to our community and many are doing their part in some way to support Healthcare Heroes!

Visit for a listing of restaurants in Downtown Freehold and give them love too!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!



  • Offers Valid for Purchase through April 30, 2020- may be extended TBD
  • Curbside pickup and local delivery where available

Bagel Talk (Marlboro Mall)

8 South Main Street, Marlboro, NJ

Call and mention WE CARE: 732.409.3099

Choose an offer:

Donate $20 and Bagel Talk will give a $25 gift card to a Neighbors Who Care ($5 bonus)

Donate $40 and Bagel Talk will give two $25 gift cards ($10 bonus).


Burger Bros (Next to Food Emporium)

460 County Rd 520, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732.772.0300 or go online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.


Domino’s Pizza (Freehold and Manalapan only)

540 Park Ave., Freehold – 732-577-9400

133 Rt. 33, Manalapan – 732-780-9999

Place any order of $10 or more (by phone or online) and a $10 gift card will be donated to Neighbors Who Care. Use code: WECARE


Empanada Guy Take-Out Restaurant

568 Park Ave, Freehold

Call 888-623-7765, ext. 1, or go online and place an order using code WE CARE.

Choose an offer:

  • Spend $20 or more, mention WE CARE and a $10 gift card will be donated to Neighbors Who Care.
  • Buy a $20 digital gift card (Note:WE CARE) for Neighbors Who Care Empanada Guy will add $10 to your donation to Neighbors Who Care. ($10 bonus!)


Mike’s Pizza (2 locations)

280 Route 9 Morganville NJ 07751

1016 Route 9 Parlin NJ 08859

Go online and buy a gift card valued at $20 or more to be donated to CentraState and Mike’s will add a generous $20! ($20 bonus!) Mention: We Care in the note area.


Pizza & Pasta Factory (Next to CVS)

2 Ryan Rd, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732-409-3001. View our menu online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.


Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria (Next to Wawa)

455 County Rd 520, Marlboro Township

Place your food order by calling 732-972-1222 or online.

The restaurant will donate a generous amount in gift cards to Neighbors Who Care each day.

***Special thanks to Matt O’Grady, CEO of digital marketing company Harmonia Media, for generously allowing us to post info short Neighbors Who Care on his company blog. This makes it easier to share the link!

Shameless plug: If you could use some digital marketing help – website, better content, social media, contacting customers via email, etc., no one is better than Harmoniamedia. Matt O’Grady is offering FREE phone consultations to any business owner who is struggling at this time. Contact Matt at

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