Growing a Business? Develop Trust in the Digital Marketplace

Everyone on your team has a role to play.

  • The sales team develops new business.
  • The account management team nurtures your customers.
  • Customer service answers any questions troubleshoots and solves problems (hopefully!)
  • Marketing makes sure current customers and prospects know what you are selling and makes sure they remember you when they need your products and services.
  • And, management is the umbrella that keeps everything dry and warm and everyone comfortable enough to do their jobs.

In addition to their core responsibilities, all of the people on your team have three jobs: get people to trust you, want to do business with you and refer you to prospective customers.

Of course, as I mentioned, sharing your brand and attracting new business is marketing’s key role, but it’s truly everyone’s job to represent the business in a way that encourages buyers to buy!

This is important because every interaction that anyone has with your company builds trust. Without trust in the marketplace, you won’t have any customers. The sales team can’t sell to people who don’t trust your brand, You certainly won’t have any referrals. In fact, you’ll probably get creamed on social media and will be closing your doors before you know it.

This is where digital marketing comes in! Rest assured, digital marketing is not the same as traditional marketing. Your marketing team is hopefully a group of branding experts. They have many tools they use to “get the word out.”

But digital marketing takes it to the next step — to a place where ALL your potential customers hang out: online.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you aren’t doing everything possible to connect with your customers and prospects online — where they spend so much of their free time — then you aren’t truly doing what’s necessary to drive new business.

Check out the facts:

24 hours a week – That’s the amount of time Americans spend, on average, on the Internet, according to USC Annenberg.

Always online! – In fact, the amount of time spent online is steadily rising each year. In 2000, the figure was 9.4 hours a week. Today, it’s 23.6 hours per week. So, think about it, one full day out of each week is spent online!

Socializing online – According to a report from Global Web Index, the general world population spends an average of 142 minutes a week on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, etc. That’s two hours and 22 minutes of your life each week that you are communicating with others online.

The good news is that all this online time is great for digital marketing strategies. When you focus on where your customers and prospects are hanging out, you can compel them to read your content and follow the trail back to your website. At the moment, if you can get them to a friend, link, and otherwise connect with you on social media, you can have a direct line to them daily!

There is a caveat, however. Be aware that there is a lot of noise on the Internet. You are not the only company vying for customers’ attention. You need to be savvy and stand out from the crowd. That takes the right now of digital marketing strategy and it requires experts in the field to make the most of every marketing dollar in your budget.

We can help. We are Harmonia Media and we’ve been helping growing companies, like yours, grab their slice of the online audience with great content, superior SEO and awesome overall digital strategy that works. Give us a call at (855) 535-4848 and we’ll tell you more! Or, fill out our convenient online contact form and we will connect with you.

Ready to Commit Fully to Growing Your Business?

Entrepreneurs go into business for themselves for a few reasons. They are looking for longtime financial freedom. They are tired of the commute. They no longer want to work hard and build someone else’s dream. We get it.

However, starting and growing a business is hard work. The hardest job you’ll ever have. It never stops because, if you have a fire in your belly, you’ll never stop thinking about ways to make it better…. to do more…to expand and reach new customers.

The problem is that people work their companies to build the very best widget and provide top-notch customer service. But, they often fail to invest time and money into the one thing that is guaranteed to expand their reach…to drive traffic to their website or store.

Yes, I know. You have a marketing plan. You likely have a website that has been around for a while. Maybe it’s updated, maybe it isn’t. Here’s what I know for sure: it isn’t driving business the way you want it to — or you wouldn’t have time to read this blog post.

I read something recently that got me thinking. The article said, “Very few people are intentional about their own values and beliefs. Additionally, very few people are proactive about designing their environment.”

The article quoted Dr Marshall Goldsmith, who said: “If you do not create and control your environment, your environment creates and controls you.”

For those of us who do business on the Internet, your “environment” is your website. Your digital marketing strategy is what you use to control it.

And, quite frankly, if you aren’t controlling how people find you and then doing everything in your power to compel them to click or call, rest assured that your environment — in this case, your competition — will control you.

Now, it’s also been said that “If you spend each day moving forward toward your dreams, you’ll be shocked how far you go. We have more than enough time to do an enormous amount of good in our lives if we use the time we have.”

If takes commitment to succeed and grow. You know that. You may even have the desire to do what it takes to commit but neither the time nor skills.

That’s ok. I doubt Harmonia Media can do what you do best. So, this is a case you get by with help from your friends. At Harmonia Media, we’ll hold your hand and/or do it all for you while you focus on your core business.

We’ll work your digital marketing strategy daily, as your partner. When you can’t spare the time to make the commitment, rest assured, we will.

Let’s talk. You don’t know what you don’t know. (But I think we do!) Contact Harmonia Media for a free phone consultation. And, get ready to drive business directly to your bottom line.

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