Kick Writer’s Block to the Curb with these Social Media Content Tips

All great writers (and plenty of not-so-great writers) get kicked in the butt by writer’s block occasionally. And, quite frankly, it’s usually at the worst time possible. There’s a deadline coming up… Your editor wants an update on strategy… The calendar is looking fairly sparse and your idea bank is empty…Don’t despair. We’ve got you covered. You may not win any Pulitzers with these tips, but done well, all social media and digital content can succeed in driving traffic in droves. (Besides, nothing gets the creative writing juices flowing like meeting a deadline and anticipating the next.)


Hashtag it Up!

You’ve seen it all on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, I’m sure. It’s National Cookie Day! It’s National Go For a Walk Day! It’s Hug Your Best Friend Day.

Do you know what I know for sure? Whatever business you are in, whatever you are selling — there’s a day (or seven) that’s perfect for a quick social media mention.

Now, you may have to get creative. Recently, I was working on a social media campaign for a travel agency. National Oreo Day was around the corner. Mmmmm…. Oreos. Ok, I’m sorry, where was I? What does a travel agency have to do with cookies? I spoke with my client about some of the restaurants he has travelled to and asked about his favourite desserts! Bingo! There’s a pub in Tahoe that serves an amazing Oreo pie: #NationalOreoCookieDay.

Real Holidays

On the flip side of absurd hashtag, celebrations are the days we love to gather with family and friends. You know, real holidays? You can turn any topic into Valentine’s friendly post. Where do you think Christmas in July came from? Marketers!

Go beyond the calendar and look closer to home, as well. Is it the anniversary of your founding, the launch of a product, etc?  We are really just talking about anchoring content to important dates.

Quirky sells. Take a look at Google and it’s daily logo change. You probably couldn’t care less about some of the widely bizarre and unheard-of things Google celebrates on the daily. But, admit it, when you visit Google and you see the regular colourful logo it’s, well, eh.. not as fun.

Go Beyond Your Product or Service

We all like to do business with companies we believe in and that makes us feel good about ourselves (and spending our money.) Next time you feel stymied by writer’s block, look a bit deeper into what’s interesting about your company – beyond what you sell.

Maybe there is a truly interesting person in your mix? Perhaps your CEO has an amazing story that led to the founding of the company? Suggest a volunteer activity and take and post photos showing your team doing good. How about customer case studies?

There are plenty of things to write about. Pick your head up and look around.

Be Helpful

Assuming your business is providing the world with something useful, there are likely plenty of pieces of advice you can share. Start a Q&A aspect of your blog and, when content is scant, approach someone in the office and ask them to tell you one thing they want customers to know about your product or service. Turn it around and write it up as a Q&A. Bam! Instant branded, useful content. (Once you have a handful of these tips, you can add them to the FAQ or create a video series.)

It’s true, writer’s block is a b*tch. But, there are ways of getting around it. Incidentally, a cold glass of milk and a handful of Oreos has been known to give writers a boost of creative energy. Believe it.

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Hate Writing? You’re In Luck, Creating Content is Our Passion

Let’s get down to the facts. If you are doing business on the web, you need great content.If the words on your site are boring or confusing or, quite frankly, poorly written, no one is going to stay for long. Your bounce rates will be (probably are already since you are reading this) off the charts. And sales? Forget it.


Seriously. If the words on your site are boring or confusing or, quite frankly, poorly written, no one is going to stay for long. Your bounce rates will be (probably are already since you are reading this) off the charts. And sales? Forget it.


That being said, if you are like most people, you would rather go to the dentist than sit down and write something. And, perhaps, you are also facing one of the truly unfortunate realities of the burgeoning digital economy: you can’t find a copywriter who gets your company.

There are plenty of people who want to be writers. Heck, they even list “copywriter” as their profession on LinkedIn. However, when it comes to getting great copy — the kind that sucks the reader in, keeps them reading and creates a need to know more — many companies find it to be incredibly difficult.

That’s because great copywriters are hard to find. It might even seem impossible.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy pizza parlour, you’ve tried the rest…. Give Harmonia Media a chance to change your mind about finding a great copywriter.

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We All Know Content is King; It’s Time to Stop Talking & Start Writing

Top 5, 7 and 10 lists are all the rage in blogging and, let’s face it, these clickbaity headlines are hard to resist. So, when the Content Marketing Institute puts out a list of 25 predictions about where content marketing is headed, I can’t help but pour another cup of coffee and settle in for some serious reading.

Content Marketing in 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, and Lots of Voice points out myriad ideas about where the world of digital marketing is headed. And they are great points — all of them.

However, at Harmonia Media, we believe these predictions should be regarded as a “To Do Now” list. There is no time to lose when it comes to getting personal, conversational and focused on UX.

The time is now to make sure your digital marketing content sings! For every day you only think about improving your web content, believe me, your competition is rocking ahead of you. Contact Harmonia Media today for a content consultation.

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