Want Your Social Media Marketing to Work? Do These 3 Things

It’s amazing how almost everyone has their phones in their hands throughout the day, many checking in on social media to see what’s happening in their online world.

Why is that amazing, you ask?

It’s amazing because the very people I’m referring to could be using social media for more than personal use. They could be connecting with people and driving new business. Is this you?

Business is highly sociable! Imagine how much you would be interacting with your online contacts if you posted on your business platforms every time you picked up your phone to check your snaps, likes and replies.

Actually, the experts say you have to do the following 3 things (much less work than posting all day long) to have a successful social media presence for your business.

1. Make Sure Your Words Count

Posting for the sake of posting isn’t going to make you a thought leader in your space. It’s important to share quality content with your online peeps. This means not copying and pasting posts from ages ago or between feeds so that your social media reads like the proverbial broken record.

Be innovative, informative and entertaining. 

Look, I get it, it’s difficult coming up with content for a post once in a while, much less daily or even weekly. If you’re not a writer, how can you be expected to pull great content out of thin air? You’re being paid to do whatever it is that you do well. It’s difficult for writers to create pithy content on a dime!

Still, they ask you to supply content. Some tips to get the job done: create “lists” such as Top 3 X or 7 Reasons You Should Never X, find an article well worth reading and post a link with a few lines about why you recommend it or hire someone to write a blog post that you can promote. (If you opt for the latter, email Bari@HarmoniaMedia.com and we can talk about how to raise the quality level of your content!)

2. Be Picky About Your Social Media Interactions

It’s not unusual, in an effort to build a following, for someone to randomly look to connect with people or accept requests to connect. Bad idea. It’s important to make sure your connections are valuable for a few reasons. Here are three.

First, some intern at a company in a different market space than you won’t be able to help you, nor are they likely to be a customer.

Second, when people who need you look you up on social media, they are going to look at your friends, followers, connections, etc. Want to appear impressive? Be impressive by connecting with people who make sense to be a part of your digital world.

Third, the whole point of making connections in the social media world is to be interacting about topics that matter and will help advance your career or increase your sales, etc. If you are following the wrong people (not bad people, just people who can’t get you get where you want to go!) then you won’t have the opportunity to see posts from those who can help you or, better yet, want to engage in business with you or your company.

Again, a great idea might be to hire a company, like Harmonia Media, that can manage your “social media life” and make sure you are connected in a meaningful, prosperous way.

3. Post and Post Again!

This feels like a no brainer and almost so obvious we shouldn’t be discussing it. If you aren’t active (daily if possible!) on your chosen social media platforms you won’t see posts that could be the start of a great conversation, nor will people see anything from you. This is a big risk because consistent posting creates trust and keeps your company top of mind for prospects. If you aren’t there, you can’t be seen, right?

If you do the right things, social media can work its magic and drive potential clients right to your website. Getting lazy will do the opposite. Or at the very least, it will do absolutely nothing for your company.

Instead, make an investment in social media and get in on the conversation. Everyone is doing it. And, if all your clients and prospects are doing it, that’s not only where you want to be, it’s where you NEED to be to grow your business.

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Is Your Company Making the Most of LinkedIn?

Have you ever been to Cape May, New Jersey?

Way down south in the Garden State, Cape May is one of NJ’s jewels and a getaway well worth taking. But, more than that, it’s a small town filled with gorgeous Victorian homes fronted by grand porches and covered with intricate gingerbread, ornamental decorations. It’s been said that people of the age wanted to have these wrap-around porches so they could sit outside “to see, and be seen.”

Why am I telling you this?

Well, if you haven’t heard the news yet, let me be the first to tell you. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your wraparound porch. If you are like most people, your company LinkedIn page is sad…deserted. No one is visiting. No one is seeing you.

The truth is, you want people to come upon you and look. Stop and connect with you. Maybe stay a while and even knock on the “door.” (ie: link with you or drop a comment.)

Just like with Google and your website, it’s critically important to optimize your company’s LinkedIn page so that you get found by the right people, not just anyone “strolling,” erm, scrolling, by.

Let’s look at it like this. When you think about search engines, where would you like your company’s website to appear in client searches–page 5 or on the FIRST PAGE? (That was rhetorical!)

You know that business websites that don’t appear on Page 1 of Google are far less likely to be found. People click what comes up on the first page, maybe the second. Admit it. You do the same thing!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business search engine. Your company’s LinkedIn page needs to be optimized so people will find it and be able to read your story, learn about your products and services, your people and read your content. 

Dust Off Your Company’s LinkedIn Page & Invite Interest!

1. By updating your LinkedIn page, you give Google more to index. When people search for what you do or what you sell, brand expansion through LinkedIn may give your overall SEO rating a push. 

2. Think of your LinkedIn page as a second website. It’s just as capable of marketing your company as your website. In fact, it may be even better when you consider the fact that you have the ability to truly target a niche audience. (Your links and your followers already have interest in what you do!)

3. In the sense of “seeing and being seen,” LinkedIn is the Instagram of the B2B world. In fact, statistics show that 80 percent of all B2B connections made on social media platforms come from LinkedIn.

Is It Worth Investing Time & Money on Your Company’s LinkedIn Page?

At Harmonia Media, we think LinkedIn is one of the most important, mostly untapped sources of leads. 

OK, wait, let me be very clear. 

Plenty of people are trying to mine for leads on LinkedIn. It’s not going very well for most. Do you enjoy getting multiple “cold calls” in your LinkedIn inbox everyday? Dealing with them, even if you just delete, is time-consuming. No one likes it.

We suggest you learn from your own response to getting barraged by unsolicited sales calls and change it up. By optimizing your LinkedIn page, you increase Google’s power of helping people discover you. Your company will show up in more web searches and that means more potential traffic will see your offers.

So, if your current LinkedIn page could use some freshening up–or, dare I say, you don’t have a LinkedIn page to even tweak–we can help.

Talk to Harmonia Media about making your company’s LinkedIn page the star it really should be. We will help you tell your story in a way that people who are scrolling by will want to stop, stay a while and even reach directly to you.

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