Email Newsletters Have More Power than You Think

Many people live and die by email. We get up in the morning and check our inboxes first thing. If you are uber-plugged in, like me, you check it all day long. Sometimes, it feels similar to opening the fridge several times in an hour. Maybe there will be something good to eat ready and waiting for me? Maybe there will be an email that will change my life in my inbox?

Indeed, while mortal human beings use email for simple communication, the world of digital marketing has long thought it to be a go-to resource for connecting and reconnecting with potential customers. And, for a long time, it was a very productive way of nurturing customers — dripping on them, we in the biz might say — and doing everything possible to remain top of mind.

Then, email became a naughty word. SPAM took over and people thought ill of email marketing. It felt somehow wrong to be in someone’s face all the time. We took to other means to connect — and that’s one of the reasons social media became so popular as a means of creating community.

However, email is back and better and more effective than ever. This is true because, when you think about it, it’s a private form of social media. With a few words, I can send you a message customized for you that arrives directly in your inbox — for your eyes only.

In fact, according to an article in Entrepreneur, “the power of email marketing — yes, even in 2018 — shouldn’t be underestimated. According to CRM giant Salesforce, email marketing earns a remarkable ROI: $38 for every dollar spent, or 3800 per cent.”

In fact, research shows, one of the best ways to retain customers and spark interest in prospects is with a great eNewsletter filled with highly relevant content. Consider that once someone has engaged with you — whether they made a purchase or simply inquired — you can stay top of mind with them by offering info they can use. We aren’t talking about commercials. High-quality content is content that informs, engages, excites and moves the reader to action.

Besides, as Harvard Business Review reports, customer retention is critical to a company’s success. “It can cost up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one,” the Entrepreneur articles notes adding that “enticing your website visitors to receive your newsletters regularly builds your brand, keeps it top-of-mind and drives continuous traffic to your site.

So, if you have a list of emails of people who have purchased from you before or simply inquired about your services, you can become a source of reliable and credible information to ensure they don’t forget you. When a past customer needs something you offer, they will remember you. If they are asked for a referral, they will remember you. And, when someone who “kicked the tires” but didn’t buy decides to get serious about a purchase, there you’ll be — right in their inbox. They’ll remember you.

If you don’t have a solid email list to use, you can start to create a database by offering something visitors want and would be willing to offer contact info to receive. Think eBooks, discounts, whitepapers, access to some specific research, a webinar, a gift…the list of possibilities is endless. People want free stuff and it costs little — and often nothing! — to give it to them in return for their extremely valuable contact information.

You may need to create more than one newsletter and send it out to groups based on current customers and future customers. An eNewsletter must be creative and eye-catching. If you send a poor one out, you are likely to get people who unsubscribe or just ignore you.

To avoid being deleted, find someone who knows the ins and outs of email marketing. A company that will design, create and execute on an email campaign that will keep your customers and would-be customers engaged and involved in your conversation.

Hey, how about Harmonia Media? We’ve got you covered when it comes to content, design and strategy for kick-butt email campaigns. Contact us for a free phone consultation and let’s drum up some new business for you.

(This blog is part one of a two-part series on email marketing. Look out for part 2 where we discuss what goes into an effective eNewsletter.)

Not Responding to Customer Inquiries? Can You Even Imagine?

Have you ever encountered something so preposterous you just walk around shaking your head wondering how it’s possible? Yeah, me too. Almost too often actually.

Sometimes, I wish I could shake someone and say: “Dude! Stop for a second! Look at what you’re doing! Look at how you’re wasting money! Look at how you’re wasting time!”

Why don’t business owners see the correlation between lazy behaviour and lack of sales? Is it really that hard to understand that even the greatest digital marketing strategy in the world means nothing if YOU don’t close the deal? (By “you,” of course, I mean whoever answers your company phone, responds to messages and/or online contact forms, etc. If that person is actually YOU, pay attention!)


I know, right? I may have some in my house. Not happy about it. My allergies are not happy about it. In fact, no one is really happy to be around me these days. Stupid mould.

So I’m searching for a mould testing company online. Would you believe, this process is adding insult to injury.

I feel like this should require a simple search. Done

Leave a message. Done.

Wait for a callback. Crickets.

One guy put me on hold for 23 minutes. I only lasted that long because I got busy reading articles about mould remediation. I. Can’t. Even.

Finally, I hung up. How many potential clients is that guy losing? Whatever, right? Move on.

So I called the next company that came up in the Google search. The phone rang and went immediately to a voicemail. The VM box was FULL.

Look, this seems like something so obvious that it pains me to have to write it.

The best digital marketing company (HarmoniaMedia) can create an amazing website, drive traffic to that site with stellar SEO, inform and excite your community with compelling blogs and offer must-act calls to actions throughout high-quality content.

Here’s what we can’t do: ANSWER your phone or RESPOND to your content form submissions.

If you are looking to make more money, cultivate new clients, create an online community — great! Harmonia Media can do that for you. However, you need to commit to a closing process that is at-the-ready 24/7– because the Internet works 24/7.

Not sure where to go from here? That’s OK. We will help you. Harmonia Media wants to be your partner for the long-term. We start with a consultation and figure out where you are today and where you need to go. Then, we will craft a digital marketing strategy that will drive traffic right to your online home. Amazing content will engage them and compel them to buy or inquire for more information.

Then, it’s up to you and your team. But, don’t worry — we can assist in setting up a system customer management system that will allow you and your team to provide excellent customer response so that you don’t lose a single prospect!

Learn more about the Harmonia Difference and the many services we offer. Then contact us for a free phone consultation. No obligations. You’ve nothing to lose and a wealth of new customers to gain.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Find a New Digital Marketing Agency?

Think about your own company. How important is it to provide great customer service?

Now, think about your service providers, including your marketing agency. How often do you find yourself thinking most other companies may talk that talk, but rarely walk that walk?

Same here.

At Harmonia Media, like you, we’ve experienced our share of being promised a fancy dinner only to get the scraps. In fact, our founder, Matt O’Grady, started this company because he decided he was sick and tired of being taken advantage of by agencies who have nothing to lose. (They didn’t even seem upset that they lost a customer. They just moved on…convincing some other sod they could change the world with mediocre SEO and crappy content.)

Harmonia Media is quite different. First off, we don’t fix things that aren’t broken. It’s possible that some aspects of your digital marketing strategy are working – maybe not. We won’t know until we look under the hood, so to speak, and do a proper analysis.

Second, at Harmonia, our clients are not some number in a CRM. You work directly with Matt and our highly experienced content strategist Bari Faye Siegel. They will provide the quality services — and customer service — that you need, want and deserve.

Hey, it’s your money. Shouldn’t you get what you pay for? We think so. Contact Harmonia Media today for a free phone consultation. More leads and sales could be one contact away. Fill out our online contact form or call Matt at (855)  535-4848.


On Being Memorable

Sorry, in advance, for the earworm you are about to get

On any given day you can find me in one of two places: in front of my computer or behind the wheel of my car. I’m a content strategist and also an unpaid, overworked Mommy Uber. I drive my kid and his friends around like it’s my job.

The other day, I was driving them from here to there and listening as the kids got into a conversation about their favourite fast food places. (I’m proud to say my son didn’t have much to add.)

So, the topic was, what’s better — a Big Mac or a Whopper?

One kid reported that he liked Burger King because his mom told him the burgers are flame-broiled and you could “have it your way.”

The other boy chimed in with how much he loves Big Macs.

Kid No. 1 says, “what’s even in a Big Mac?”

That felt like that was my cue. I said, “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.”

All the kids laughed and my son said, “WHAT? Where did you pull that out of…”

Ah, I admitted, that’s just one of the super important pieces of information I have stored in my brain from hours of watching TV and commercials — with no ability to fast forward.

My son immediately checked my memory online. When he confirmed I was correct, they all wanted to know what else I know.

That list would have to wait for another day. We were at our destination. But, as I drove away it got me thinking. How did that jingle stay in my head for 40 years? And “I am stuck on Band-Aid, cause Band Aid’s stuck on me.” And, “I’m a pepper, drink Dr Pepper.” And “Like a good nation, State Farm is there.” I could go on indefinitely.

When I got back to my desk, I did some searches and found out that a study was recently conducted on this very topic. asked 504 people (of different ages) about whether they could recognize certain jingles. (Try it yourself here.)

So now all of that is on a constant replay loop in my head. I apologize to you now for the earworms.

But anyway, the point here is that advertising of yesterday included memorable jingles that would easily pop into your mind as needed.

I’m hungry….two all-beef patties, special sauce…. mmmm McDonalds.

“The best part of waking up…” I could go for a cup of coffee.

Nationwide is on your side…hmm insurance anyone?

Today’s most vibrant marketplace is online, where images and words have to stick like glue. That’s why it’s important to have a website that connects with your prospects and a social media community where people are talking about you.

If your company name gets lodged in their memory bank, when they need you, your business will pop into their head as quickly as you can eat a Kit Kat. (Gimme a break, gimme a break…)

Go look at your own website right now. Do you LOVE it? On a scale of “meh” to “THE best” does it score an “I don’t know?” Unless you are positive that your online marketing strategy is doing its job (now and creating a memorable imprint for future recognition) you need a website checkup. How do you know if it’s doing its job? Easy. Are you satisfied with your lead flow and sales? Could they be better? We can help.

Contact Harmonia Media today for a free phone consultation (or call 855-535-4848) about your digital marketing strategy. We are not Staples but when it comes to knowing how to drive traffic to your website, we got that.

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