Do You Even Strategize?

According to Smart Insights, 49 per cent of companies are engaged in digital marketing with no defined strategy. So, while you are paying money for digital marketing efforts, you may just be tossing money out of the window. How can you measure success without clear goals and objectives?

Digital efforts are quite different than traditional marketing channels. Diverse customer profiles and behaviour, competitors, propositions and myriad options for marketing communications all make it difficult to succeed when you your strategy is based on “chance.”

  • Do you have a clear vision of what you aim to achieve?
  • Who is your audience and are you communicating with your customers where they are hanging out online?
  • Do you have sufficient resources to meet your goals?

The truth is, most companies fail to even have an online value proposition.

Don’t leave your potential web success to chance. Determine your goals and develop a sound digital marketing strategy for meeting them. We can help.

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Need a Cake? Find a Bakery. Need to Increase Web Traffic? Let’s Talk

It’s not unusual for small- to mid-sized businesses to wonder if they really need to hire a digital marketing company.

It’s a funny question, actually, for those of us in the digital marketing space.

I, for one, would never think about whether or not I had to hire a mechanic to fix my car. I don’t have the first clue how to complete a car repair. Similarly, while I’m a halfway decent baker, I wouldn’t dream of offering to create a fabulous wedding cake for a friend. And, when I’m sick, as much as I may fancy myself a fictitious doctor, I rely on the pros for diagnosis and treatment.

Digital marketing — the business of being found on Google and getting would-be customers to visit your website and take action — is both an art and a science. To be successful, at the risk of sounding cliche, hope is not a good strategy.

Knowledge of search engine optimization, creating community through social media and, of course, Google’s Holy Grail of Requests, making sure you have the highest possible quality content, is critically important to a company’s digital marketing success.

It’s very easy to spend money on marketing. There are plenty of companies willing to take your money. But can they deliver any better than I could fix your car?

Small Business Trends did a study recently concluding 98 per cent of small businesses know being found on Google is very important to their bottom line. The same survey revealed that a whopping 45 per cent of small business owners have no idea was SEO means.

There is only one solution to this conundrum. Unless you, yourself, are a digital marketing whiz, you need to reach out to someone who is. It’s imperative to find a company with the experience and dedication to take the time to get to know you and your company. Understanding your audience is an important part of creating a plan of action to grow your web traffic and leads.

No digital marketing strategy is perfect. Any company that tries to sell you that bill of goods is not the one for you. Digital marketing is a fluid business. The rules change and new ideas, like in any business, fuel optimized ways of getting the job done.

We invite you to have a conversation with Harmonia Media. We focus on you, your mission, your clients and your story. We customize solutions that meet your needs (and make Google happy). Contact us today for a free consultation about your digital marketing strategy.


What Does Google Think about Your Website?

Ranking well is a science and an art and there are many reasons you may be falling short in achieving those highly coveted rankings. Make no mistake about it: it matters what Google thinks.

Columnist Eric Enge explains how Google makes the ultimate determination when it comes to relevance. “Just because you create webpages targeting a certain keyword phrase or in a specific topic area does not mean you will rank for those terms.

Enge says using relatable scenarios which illustrate rankings and the meaning behind them demystifies the topic. How to take action and a perspective on realistic costs reveals what google thinks about your website!

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