Yes, You DO Need a Blog on Your Business Website

At Harmonia Media, clients ask us all the time about whether or not they need a blog on their company website. We believe, and there is plenty of documentation out there to prove we are right, that the answer is absolute “yes!” You do need a blog on your business website; here’s why.

Google loves content and, if you want your website to be found by prospective customers, you need to love Google back. The best thing to improve your Google standing is to consistently add fresh, interesting content to your website. Every time you post new content, Google takes note and makes a determination about its quality. If the content you add is valuable for people searching the topic, your website has a better chance of showing up well in a Google search.

Now, that description makes it sound much easier than it actually is, truth be told. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes after a blog is posted to improve search results. However, good content matched with top-notch search engine optimization (literally optimizing your content so the search engines, like Google, can find you) goes a long way to driving traffic to your website.

Additionally, a blog is a great resource for social media interaction. Since your prospects may find you first on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., you can engage with them and direct them back to your witty and useful content on your blog. Once they are on your website, you have a great chance of convincing them to make contact.

Tips for Driving Traffic Through Your Blog

  • Make sure you link to other pages on your websiteto keep the reader “in the conversation.” As an example, at Harmonia Media, we believe in providing a concierge service we like to call the “Harmonia Difference.” Check it out.
  • Only publish fresh and interesting content your readers care about. First off, you won’t get any Google juice if you publish nonsense. And, if you copy someone else’s words, it will actually hurt your website instead of help.
  • UseCalls to Action that entice the visitor to do what you want them to do. If you want them to download something, add buttons that say “download now.” If you want them to make contact with you, add suggestions like “contact us” or “let’s talk” that lead to a contact page.

With that in mind, Harmonia Media is your ticket to traffic-driving digital media strategy. Whether it’s a blog, social media management, SEO or a whole new website, let’s talk. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Going Social? Do It Right or Don’t Bother!

The holidays are behind you and you are looking ahead to 2018 wondering what you can do to tweak your business strategy. If you could land a couple of new leads each week you can surely turn them into customers, right?

The answer is, most assuredly, that you are correct. Little tweaks can amount to big successes. It’s just important to select the correct endeavours and appropriate the right amount of time and energy and money to them to ensure maximum benefits.

For example, some people are hyper-focused on cleaning their own homes. There are many reasons to be vigilant about your personal space. However, others find they can source a trusted cleaning service to will focus on their home while they focus on their paycheck.

If the idea of hiring the right person for the job sounds good to you, read on.

In this article, we are talking about social media. Everyone knows they need to get social. And, if you dabbled in posting on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter in 2017, you need to take it up several notches — because your competition is already there.

The problem is that many people don’t have the foggiest clue of what it means to be active on social media platforms. In order to really attract business from social media posts, you need to be strategic. It’s more than finding the youngest person on your team who understands how to post on Snapchat.

Is that how you make other business decisions? Would you send your intern to a key networking conference? Hardly.

Social media has become a science. What to post and when are critical questions that keep professionals up at night. It takes a significant understanding of business goals and objectives to be successful at any social media campaign. Many people say they are experts at posting and tweeting, etc.

You owe it to yourself to embrace a proven social media marketing strategy carried out by people who have been there, done that — and continue to perfect their craft.

Let’s talk. Harmonia Media is launching its Savvy Social & SEO Starter Package – a set-it and forget-it (because we will manage everything!) We will take a look at your website’s backend and make adjustments to make sure you are getting the most from organic SEO. Then, we will assume responsibility (or create a new platform) for one of your social media accounts! You’ll get five posts a week on your choice of platform.

Contact us now and we’ll explain how we can make 2018 your most social — and profitable year — yet!

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