The Most Important NON-TECH Reason to Update Your Web Content

What’s the point of having great content on your website? There are actually at least three reasons to make sure your content marketing is extraordinary. (Two of them are Google-related; one is less tech-y.)

These are the same reasons why, no matter how good your current web content may have read the last time you did an update, it’s not good enough today.

Reasons 1 & 2: Google loves new, high-quality content and it rewards sites that offer it by frequently indexing those sites.

The more often search engines index your site, the more likely your chances of winning a higher ranking in search results.

The second reason is behind-the-scenes. Whenever you post new content, whether a new page, blog post or article, or you just refresh the words on your site so what’s old sounds new again, you have the chance to add more SEO-loving keywords.

Now, in no way are we saying you should be loading up on keywords for keyword sake. (That’s called keyword stuffing and it’s a no-no. Readers hate that!)

Strategic content updates wherein you add some important words, on the other hand, are very helpful.

So, when given the chance, I toss “digital marketing strategy” into a blog post– for good measure.

Relevant keywords come in very handy when your site is being indexed and for ranking purposes. The more high-quality content with regular keywords you add, the higher your ranking.

Translation: more would-be customers can find you online easier.

So, let’s get to it. What’s the most important, non-techy reason to update your content online?

Well, what’s the point of your website? It is to engage, inform and compel customers to stay, read, click and, hopefully, connect (and buy?)  Right? Exactly.

So, answer these questions:

– Has your company made any changes, improvements or enhancements?

– Have you added any new offerings?

– Upgraded your pricing?

– Do you have literally anything new to share with would-be customers?

If your answers are “no, no, no and no,” you may not need to refresh your web content.

However, I would love to know, are you making any money?

Companies, and their accompanying websites, are living, breathing entities. If you’re not growing, you’re stagnating. In today’s marketplace, stagnation is a death knoll.

Continually updating your web content provides customers with new existing information, more calls-to-action and more reasons to give your brand a chance.

Information, online, sells. In other words,  want to increase sales? Refresh your information, or content, online.

Need help? Meet Harmonia Media. When it comes to adding content or refreshing what you already have, we are a great place to start.

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How to Acquire Customers for Life: A Can’t-Miss Strategy

This is a conversation I feel like I have many times every week. I keep repeating it to every prospect and every client because, in my opinion, it’s the crux of any business growth strategy. It’s certainly what drives Harmonia Media’s growth strategy.

Here are my can’t-miss, three-step, deal flow-driving strategy:

  1. Figure out what your customer needs, by uncovering their pain point. What keeps them up at night? What do they need to seek out in the world to make “it” better — whatever “it” is.
  2. Once you’ve figured out No. 1, you are ready to attack. This point assumes you’ve been doing your research in the right market — as in you are researching people who are thirsty and you sell beverages and not you are researching people who are thirsty and you sell tires. Try as you might, that won’t work out well.So you know what your customer needs and why they need it. And you sell it. Now you have to connect with them. But how?
  3. Digital Marketing— in all the right places. You need to talk about what you do wherever they hang out. And, your prospects are hanging out where absolutely everyone is hanging out: online! Now, where they are exactly is up for discussion. But knowing where they could be is much better than A. having no clue and B. Talking about what you sell with people who don’t need it. (Don’t post information about your dog food in a cat lover’s chat group.)So, those are the basics of my plan. And, it works.
    • Know your audience. 
    • Know your product. 
    • Connect the two online. 
    • Simple, right?

Eh, not so much. Digital marketing is a very intricate puzzle of content and search engine optimization and design and advertising and email outreach and….. The list goes on and on.

At Harmonia Media, we know one size doesn’t fit all. The difference between your company and ours is this: we sell something every company needs — access to potential new customers.

Could your company use some more sales? Let’s talk. Harmonia Media customizes every digital marketing strategy based on the client’s needs – no more,  no less. You get what you pay for and what you pay for is extraordinarily affordable considering our track record of driving sales and company growth for clients.

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