Retain Customers with Nurturing Emails

Retain Customers with Nurturing Emails

July 28, 2022

Maybe you have heard email is dead. In fact, if you Google email marketing you can read countless articles about how it’s not working anymore. But you can also read three times as many that say email marketing is quite alive, well and truly effective.

If you haven’t tried to get in contact with past customers with a targeted email nurturing campaign, you are leaving money on the table. As you know, it’s so much easier to retain a client than to attract a new one–in terms of time and certainly money.

The Power of Retention

There have been countless studies. And the research makes sense. It’s cheaper and easier to catch the attention of someone who has already purchased from your company than it is to go out into the big world and find new customers to buy.

1. Companies are far more likely to get a repeat sale than to get a new customer (statistics say 60 to 70% more likely)!

2. Further, you have to spend seven times more to attract a new customer versus nurturing one already in your fan base.

An email campaign aimed at sharing news about new products and services or simply touching base with some news they can use isn’t intrusive. People will open the emails they are interested in–whether or not you email them. So why not be in the mix?

You never know when someone needs exactly what you are selling. Or, perhaps more importantly, they know someone who needs what you are selling. Now one email interests two customers! 

Creating compelling email campaigns is a cost effective way to stay in touch with people who have already purchased from you, or have at least kicked the tires on your website. Now we just have to bring them back for more!

At Harmonia Media, we specialize in creative email marketing campaigns.

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We already know how powerful email marketing can be, especially when you have a solid customer email list to contact. Further, you can not only re-engage past and current clients but you can also acquire new customers.

Ideas for Retention Emails

1. Send a newsletter! Touching base weekly, bi-weekly or monthly keeps your brand in front of customers’ eyes. 

– You can share information about new products and services.
– You can link to blog posts that offer timely tidbits of information customers can use in their own lives.
– Share articles that position your company as a thought leader in your space, thereby encouraging continued allegiance and perhaps another visit to your website.

2. When someone has made a purchase, try to continue the conversation. Send a followup email to get their opinion on their purchase and maybe even give them a reason to post a good review.

Of course, and this is crucial, if they didn’t have a good experience, take care of it immediately!

3. Share “insider” news about flash sales or customer loyalty programs.

4. Introduce customers to other items you sell. If they were happy with the first purchase, they might very well be convinced via an email (perhaps with a coupon code?) to buy again.

Digital marketing involves an entire toolbox of strategies to win and keep customers. It’s important to keep all of your tools sharp and use them well. You’ve heard the old saying about using the right tool for the job? 

Email marketing is often a great tool when it comes to staying top of mind with customers. But sending out emails without a strategy won’t get you very far. Work with Harmonia Media to plan out a strategic email nurturing campaign to keep your customers coming back for more. 

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