4 Dead Giveaways it’s Time to Update Your Website

4 Dead Giveaways it’s Time to Update Your Website

July 15, 2022

I know. I know what you are thinking. “We just re-did our website and marketing materials five years ago! It cost time and a lot of money. Why do we need to go through that again?”

Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t–at least, not yet. But let’s take a closer look. At Harmonia Media, a boutique, client-centric digital marketing firm, we don’t believe in fixing things that aren’t broken and we don’t charge for work we don’t perform or, worse, that didn’t need to be done in the first place!

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First things first. When you truly need a website refresh, you don’t have a real choice. If you don’t “get with the times,” your customers will be passing you by and buying from your competition. No one will spend money with a company that isn’t putting its best foot forward.

And, make no mistake about it: online, your website is your “home.” You want people to visit and stay a while. Chasing them away isn’t going to increase sales.

Secondly, you already know how fast the digital world works. What’s new today will be outdated by next week. (In some cases, sooner!) How often does a new model of the iPhone get released? Exactly.

So, it’s time for a website refresh if you say “yes” to any of these things:

1. Your website looks outdated. The design looks like the equivalent of a puffy shouldered jacket from 1984. Your logo is too big or too small on the page. Your design incorporates colors that were fashionable 10 years ago. The site doesn’t show up correctly on mobile. Things are buzzing or flashing around. Maybe you just aren’t in love with what is now an old site anymore.

A brand refresh will help modernize not only your site but your public persona. Harmonia Media can help you take what’s old and make it brand new again!

2. Your website is confusing and difficult to navigate. Times have changed. Navigation menu designs are very different nowadays than even a year ago. This goes back to user experience. People don’t have the time or patience to do a deep dive to find your contact information on your website. They want answers to questions and they are searching for FAQs. They want to read reviews and your site doesn’t have any.

Harmonia Media can help you update your brand identity online so that customers who find your website are confident enough to take action.

3. You’ve changed your business model/products/services offered and your website doesn’t reflect the changes. This happens all the time! Companies evolve and grow with the times. The product featured on your homepage is no longer your top seller. But your new flagship product is buried on the site and not easy to find!

This obviously needs to be fixed. Some simple page redesigns may do the trick. Harmonia Media has plenty of tricks in its bag to spotlight specific offerings to you current clients and prospects.

4. Content: it’s horrible, there’s not enough or there’s too much. If your content is not on point, you won’t attract and retain a website visitor’s attention. Nobody has time to try to decipher bad content. People are looking for information or to buy something NOW. If you confuse them with jargon or poorly written copy, your website will do the opposite of what you created it to do. And your competitors will thank you!

Harmonia Media will supply you with content that not only provides excellent UX but that attracts “Google Juice” and helps your site appear higher in web search results. (Google LOVES high quality content.)

Honestly, take a look at your website. Would you buy from your company? Or would you bounce and click to look elsewhere?

Finally, don’t get overwhelmed. It’s important to note that you don’t have to take on the entire rebranding process all at once. You can bite off chunks to make the budget spend more palatable.

Another option, if you like your current website but want to try something new with your brand, Harmonia Media can introduce you to some new strategies that will build business. Perhaps we can redirect attention toward a user friendly and welcoming email campaign that puts your company top of mind for customers–only and new. (Think: get people to look at the new lamp and not the old carpet!)

When it comes to digital marketing, we got this. We’ve done it for countless other companies and we can do it for yours–at a price you can afford. Plus, we are cool people to work with!

Contact us now here or call (888) 683-5199. We are ready when you are!

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