Let’s Turn Tire-Kickers Into Buyers with a Website Update!

Let’s Turn Tire-Kickers Into Buyers with a Website Update!

July 21, 2022

There is always some new widget or service being offered to up your online marketing game. But, does your site need that thing or could you use something else to attract more business online?

It’s hard to know until Harmonia Media analyzes your online assets–website and other online platforms (blog and social media, for example). But suffice it to say that you don’t need every bell and whistle out there.

If you aren’t sure if you need to refresh your website, check out Part 1 of this blog: 4 Dead Giveaways that It’s Time to Update Your Website. Then come back here to find out how Harmonia Media can help you get the job done within your timeframe – on your budget!

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What’s new today might be old tomorrow. 

And certainly what was slick and new last year can look outdated–and scare prospects away–today!

Don’t panic. You don’t need to throw everything at the wall to see if it sticks. You just need to be sure that your online brand is accessible and user friendly.

Perhaps you have heard the term “UX?” 

UX means user experience. You want every user to be able to easily navigate your website, get the answers to the questions they seek and be pulled like a magnet to your “buy now” button.

When it’s done well, the UX turns tire kickers into buyers. If a user’s experience on your website creates confusion or frustration, you are likely sending customers away to shop the competition.

Begin at the Beginning

Get a FREE in depth website audit to find out what aspects of your website need help from a technology perspective. If your website looks wonky on mobile devices, you are most certainly losing business. Are your call-to-action buttons attractive and do they get prospective customers to click? No? It’s time for some digital marketing love.

These are important things to check from the start:

1. Is your content readable and up-to-date?
2. Are you in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?
3. How does your analytics report look? This will tell volumes about the back end of your site and what needs to be upgraded.
4. Is your navigation modern-looking?
5. What does your competitive analysis look like?
6. Is your Search Engine Optimization updated?
7. The list goes on and on…

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Next Steps…

You know there is some housekeeping that needs to get done on the back end. We suggest you focus on your core business and customers and hire Harmonia Media to take care of those things.

But before anything else, you should take a good, hard look at your website. Do you even like it anymore? You loved it (or maybe not!) when you launched it years ago. But times change. Best practices change. Tastes change. Perhaps that brown/gold combo you chose then looks hideous to you now. We can change it!

So look at it from a web visitor’s point of view and consider the following:

Design: This means we look at colors, templates used for the entire site, call to action buttons and navigation. There is so much that goes into design as it relates to “user experience.” When you are re-doing your website, take these points into consideration and make sure your updated website reflects modern best practices and your brand personality.

Content: If people can’t understand your website messaging, what’s the point? Both users and Google demand easy-to-understand and easy to find information. If people have to read a paragraph twice…they will bounce.

Make sure your content answers their questions and helps alleviate their pain or overcome their challenges. Bad content makes an out-of-date website even worse!

SEO: If your website is your online home, SEO (search engine optimization) is the roadmap to get there. If your SEO isn’t set up correctly, updated and managed frequently, or doesn’t go head-to-head with your direct competition, then people will not find you.

If they don’t find your website…cue the dismal music…no sales for you. Further, great SEO allows Google to return your company higher in search rankings and, in turn, people find you easier!

How well is your website performing?
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You have no choice. Your company has to be loud and proud and come up high in Google search. That’s how people conduct business these days. Don’t get left out because your website is outdated, slow or frustrating to navigate. Harmonia Media will help.

When it comes to digital marketing, we got this. We’ve done it for countless other companies and we can do it for yours–at a price you can afford. Plus, we are cool people to work with! Contact Harmonia now here or call (888) 683-5199. Let’s do this!

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