Why Isn’t My Website Working? Here are 3 Reasons & Fixes!

Why Isn’t My Website Working? Here are 3 Reasons & Fixes!

November 28, 2017

To be clear, let’s define “working.” The object of your website is to be your online home. There are a variety of ways prospective customers can make their way to your website. However, once they get there, the object is to keep them there long enough to become intrigued, interested and ready to take action. The “action” you want, of course, is a purchase.

OK, back to the initial question. Why isn’t your website working for you? If customers are making their way to your homepage, or any other page on the site, then your SEO is working. Whether it’s paid SEO such as Facebook advertising or organic SEO such as onsite optimization techniques, the customers are lining up.

But, then, they aren’t buying. They may not even be hanging out long enough to browse. Here are 3 reasons why your website isn’t delivering the success it could.

1. Wrong Focus. Your customers are searching for solutions to their perceived problems. For some, a problem could be serious such as needing to find an oncologist. Others may be simply searching for a gift for a loved one. Many are searching for whatever it is you sell.

However, some companies make the mistake of focusing their websites on solutions without much care for the customer’s challenge. People like to talk and read about themselves. If your website doesn’t feel welcoming, people won’t stay — and they most certainly will not buy. Instead, they’ll “bounce.”

The FIX: The solution for wrong focus is a content refresh. Consider repurposing your content so that it “speaks” to your prospect. Enough about you, more about them. When they feel like they are in the right place, they’ll stay long enough to learn more about your solutions.

2. Brand Confusion. Does the site imagery match your brand? All websites should convey a sense of pride in the brand. If your website is giving off a contrary image, you’re dead in the water.

For example, a restaurant website that features photos of a poorly lit dining room, badly plated food or worse is sending a clear message: you don’t want to eat here.

Alternatively, beautiful photos and decadent food descriptions convey a message of elegance. If your customers enjoy your website, imagine how much they will enjoy the restaurant experience?

The FIX: View your website through fresh eyes. Invest in better graphics. Make sure your site is both inviting and representative of the message you want customers to receive. If your brand is elegant, use images and colours that represent your high-class company. If your business is fun and funky, your web design should be, as well.

3. Lack of Call to Action. This is a biggie. Even if your web copy is top-notch, your SEO is on point and your photos are exciting and engaging, failure to provide appropriate calls to action leave customers high and dry.

The FIX: The problem is big, but the fix is simple. Add “learn more,” “read more” and even “contact us now” buttons throughout the site. Weave these calls to action into the content, as well. Don’t overdo it, but make sure there are multiple shots on goal so your customers can do what you want them to do: buy.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I need to focus on my work, not my website?” You’re in luck. At Harmonia Media, “our work” is your website!

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