When is Comes to Content, More Isn’t Always Better

When is Comes to Content, More Isn’t Always Better

March 21, 2018

There’s a rumour out there in the world of digital marketing that has to go.

More content isn’t always better for search engine analytics. Do you know what’s better? Actually being better.

Google wants high-quality contentSome great content is much better than a constant flurry of poor content. In fact, a website with tons of pages full of lacklustre, boring content that no one wants to read can hurt your website standing far more than it can help it.

The truth is, Google and other search engines have evolved in the past few years. Yes, there was a time that more was definitely better. Today, it’s important to add content to your site but it needs to be useful, interesting content.

In fact, Google has a list of tips for content writers who want to create the highest quality blogs and pages to drive prospective customers.

Google’s Content Style Guide

First things first, write as though you are chatting with the reader. Using jargon won’t connect with anyone. Be friendly and purposeful. You may even want to create a specific “voice” that will help you entertain and inform anyone who finds your site or blog.

  • Be knowledgeable. People are interested in gathering information. Most people will find you because they searched for a particular topic. Provide the answer without a sales pitch.
  • Be accurate. Spelling and grammar count. A website filled with editorial mistakes will drive people away.
  • Avoid long and winding sentences. It’s important to provide information in a clear, concise fashion. Long, run-on sentences are confusing and will create more questions than answers.
  • At a glance, text works great. Bulleted and numbered lists allow readers to find something on the page that appeals to them quickly. (Don’t forget to bold words to attract attention appropriately!)
  • Piggybacking on the last bullet point, make sure you link important topics to other pages on your website where readers can get more information when they need it.

The bottom line: rather than posting content for content’s sake, find a writer who can do a bit of research and create compelling, creative copy that will influence readers and create a reason for them to contact you.

At Harmonia Media, content is our business. Give us a topic and we will provide you with high-quality articles, web pages and blogs that get noticed. Contact us today for a free consultation about your digital marketing strategy.

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