What’s Your Brand Personality?

What’s Your Brand Personality?

January 9, 2019

Just like every individual has a personality (you don’t have to like them, but you have to accept that it’s who they are!) so do companies. In fact, it’s extremely important for a business owner to craft a unique brand personality to ensure the company stands out from the crowd of competitors in vision, appeal and conversation.

Conversation? YES! When you are doing business on the web, just like in person, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. The difference between online and real life? Your digital marketing message is the first impression would-be customers get of your brand on the web.

At an in-person networking meeting, a guest may see your hair, your clothing and how you carry yourself. First impression. You have the ability to craft that message before you leave your office. And, you can alter it as you see fit.

Online, what they see is what they get and, unless you are tweaking your website and social media platforms again…and again…and again… all day long, you need to make sure that the essence off your brand personality comes off strong and clear.

What is your brand personality? It’s the experience people have when they do business with you.

And, it needs to truly represent your intentions. It can’t just be thrown up there for the sake of having a website or a Facebook page. Remember, you get one chance to tell the world who you are for the very first time each time a new prospect finds your webpage.

Before you can use your brand personality to the greatest advantage, you need to discover what it will be going forward. You need to be clear about it and able to communicate it the same way you would share an “elevator pitch” in person with someone you want to get to know.

  • Do you see your company as more fun or serious?
  • Is your business modern, traditional, tech-y?
  • Are you youthful or mature, friendly or more professional?
  • Is the business budget-friendly or high-end?

Once you have given thoughtful consideration to these traits and others, you can hone a brand personality that truly represents your offering. Then, you can convey that personality online so people who are looking to do business with companies like yours can find you!

Harmonia Media can help you determine your brand personality and even change one you have if you would prefer to come across differently. We will create a branding strategy that complements your style and use our expertise to make sure prospects find you online.

Let’s get started! Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation at (855) 535-4848.

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