What’s It Gonna Take to Visualize Your Dreams for Growth? A Vision Board!

What’s It Gonna Take to Visualize Your Dreams for Growth? A Vision Board!

April 4, 2022

By Bari Faye Siegel

Leadership teams plan a year or even just a couple of quarters ahead. Picture it. You’re in the conference room. Someone is taking notes. There’s a white board with org charts on the wall—if you’re fancy, maybe someone is writing directly on a glass wall. 

If this is you, how do these plans move from the white board into a real strategy with milestones and directions for your team? Not sure? Then it’s likely your alleged “plan” taunts you daily from the not-yet erased window wall. What exactly are you waiting for?

I’d like to suggest you consider assembling a vision board.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term vision board, I immediately think about teenage girls cutting “everything bridal” photos out of magazines in pre-, pre-prep for their someday engagement.  

Interestingly enough, however, business-wise, a vision board is not a collection of  dreams and  wishes for the future. But it is all about the future and a vision board can be a vitally important component of a go-forward, growth strategy. 

Let’s take those white board/glass wall notes (as well as the goals that are in your head and the milestones that are scribbled on napkins and get organized and on-board with a tangible vision board. 

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Vision boards allow various departments or teams to develop smaller goals and effective strategies for growth. Once combined, leadership can see the broader, bigger picture and determine next steps to achieving objectives through various steps—big and small. 

Would you ever consider going on a cross country trip, with multiple stops, without GPS or at least a map? Probably not, especially if you want to stay on course and get there by your deadline. 

Same goes for a vision board. By plotting out your strategy, step by step, you are not only communicating your vision for company growth to your team but also giving them a roadmap to get where you need them to go. 

Now, might they encounter stormy weather, a breakdown or traffic that slows down progress? Of course they might. In fact, they likely will. But the trusty vision board, always a work in progress, will not only keep them on course but offer some potential new routes to explore on the journey. 

This works thanks to the “power of visualization.” This power turns a vision board into a guide that spells out how to turn your vision into reality. In fact, studies reveal visualizing a goal may motivate you to work harder to succeed. 

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