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March 28, 2018

What Does It Cost to Buy an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

According to data analysis by eMarketer, digital marketing will account for nearly 45 per cent of media ad spend by 2020. As a B2B company, do you know what your digital marketing budget should be to compete in the digital world?
Strategically, shifting marketing budgets from traditional channels toward digital initiatives is critical in this ever-competitive marketplace. You need to be where your customers are looking (and where your competition is likely active, too.)
Search advertising, mobile and social marketing top the list for growth initiatives year over year. In 2017, a CMO Survey predicted that marketing dollars spent on mobile alone will increase by 118 per cent in three years. One year later, these numbers seem conservative. What are you spending now and where are you spending your money?  Is it working?
Asking the right questions will ensure you are investing the right dollars for maximum impact.  What is your ROI on digital marketing dollars spent and how can you receive the maximum benefit? If you aren’t spending enough on the channels best suited to your product and brand, you aren’t in the game.

What are you waiting for? Contact Harmonia Media for a free consultation about your digital marketing strategy. We will tailor a plan and budget just for you.