Video Editing and YouTube Management

Creating Content is Exciting!...
but all the Behind-the-Scenes – Ugh So Much Work!

Managing a YouTube Channel is very time consuming, can be very frustrating and annoying to manage day to day all by yourself. From creating thumbnails to compiling and editing videos and tagging them, etc. the work can be endless!

Harmonia to the Rescue!

Video Editing and YouTube Management

We can do it all for you. You can focus on creating exceptional content, while we take care of the Behind-the-Scenes. Our professional YouTube Management Services will assist you in building a channel with growing numbers of all you are looking for. 

When you invest a lot of time in managing your channel, you are left with no energy to be creative. We are here to guarantee that it doesn’t happen to you!


YouTube Channel Management.

If you are reading this, it means that you want to grow your video content on a platform viewed by more than a billion people! 

You are looking at the right page! Contact us to know all about our YouTube Management Services.

All things needed to setup your channel

We start by creating a brand identity; your profile icons and company logo, striking thumbnails and banners, the background graphics and animations, when unique will grab a large click-through rate. You send us your video footage, and our team compiles them with dynamic style to excite and inspire you and your fans.

We have got it all covered, and we will get you the best possible targeted viewers.

Video Editing and YouTube Management

The YouTube Algorithm is very Frustrating!
Don’t worry, just talk to us.

Managing and Marketing Your YouTube Channel

Uploading videos Correctly…

– are the basic step that many YouTubers do not get time to do (or do it correctly) after spending the entire day creating and shooting it. Harmonia takes good care of it.

Our team focuses on optimizing your Videos Correctly

– This process defines the kind of video or topic of the content. Appropriate tags attract the perfect audience, and you can easily get your target audience attracted to your videos with this process..

Views, Likes, Comments and Shares!

– That is what measures your channel’s engagement. Our team makes sure that the audience keeps engaging with your content, while we attract new targeted viewers.

We ensure good brand reputation through research on your niche and target market. We review analytics daily, weekly and monthly to find insights and adjust the content strategy accordingly.

Harmonia delivers high level Return on Investment with each month of management.


We will help you with every aspect of your youtube Channel…

Harmonia pledges to help you execute the best plan for content creation for YouTube. Our experts will create SEO optimized titles, descriptions, and tags for all videos after a full analysis. We use cross channel promotion to let other channels promote your content, earning new viewers. To boost follow-up views, we also add links to more related videos on screen and end-screen. With the right tools, we bring you real subscribers and fans to monetize your channel. 

Reviewing the content for perfect grammar, execution and structure expedites the channel viewership. We oversee multiple video editing projects simultaneously and work with the Creator to optimize videos for social media.

With us, you will have a much better and more successful YouTube Channel!

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