Use Great Web Content to SAVE Money

Use Great Web Content to SAVE Money

September 26, 2018

In the world of digital marketing, we know two things about content.

  1. Content has to be compelling, creative and high quality to get Google’s attention.
  2. Traffic-driving SEO is dependent on quality content.

As a longtime journalist-turned-digital-marketing-content-strategist, I’ve always focused on connecting with the reader. There are so many distractions that can easily get your reader’s attention. This is especially true on mobile because on-the-go web surfers tend to be doing five things at once anyway. Dare I suggest that when the light turns green, you’ve lost them?

In any case, most companies look at the need for content as an expense. You need it. You can’t write it yourself. You have to pay for it. Ugh. Right?

I’d like to invite you to consider a new way to view online content. Consider the fact that there’s the possibility of ROI –  Return on Investment – that comes from actually having to spend less money on certain areas of your business. How? Allow your great web content to do the work.

Consider how important your customer service operation is to your company. Whether or not you have actual reps who answer phones, conduct online chats or handle emails, someone is playing the role of customer service guru. Perhaps it’s you? Maybe it’s everyone at the company — whoever happens to answer the phone.

A website with clear, concise information would truly represent your brand, answer important questions and compel the visitor to take the next steps to buy. This allows your content to be working for you 24/7 and frees up some of your critical human resources to focus on other money-making tasks.

It’s a delicate balance, of course. You don’t want to give away all your information. You want prospects to fill out the contact form or make the call. If they don’t respond to the CTA (call to action) then the likelihood of them buying anything from you is slim.

However, people want and need the information to make decisions. Few will spend money before they know they are A) buying something that will solve a problem; B) getting a good deal, and C) comfortable with the quality of the product/service itself.

Great content can satisfy those three needs/wants without giving away the farm. It’s all about strategy. The key to this precarious puzzle we call digital marketing is to understand the offering, get a full, clear grasp on who the potential customers are, and to use the right words to connect the two online. That’s the “what.”

The “how” is a bit more difficult. And, quite frankly, I’m going to use some of my own advice here. I’ve gotten you this far. Want to know the “how?”

Contact us to learn more about the importance of content strategy and how Harmonia Media can take your content to a place where it’s making you money and saving it at the same time.

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