Social Posting Writer’s Block? Here’s 8 Ways to Get Unstuck

Social Posting Writer’s Block? Here’s 8 Ways to Get Unstuck

May 25, 2019
You know you need to stay in constant communication with your customers and prospects via your social media platforms. However, easier said than done, right? After all, perhaps you are not a writer and marketing ideas don’t come easy to you.
(Gratuitous plug…. At Harmonia Media, being socially creative is one of our specialities! Contact us for a free consultation and you won’t have to follow any of the ideas posted in this article!)
There are several “low hanging fruit” ideas to post about. They all promote your company by bragging about your culture, sharing important information and offering ways for people to interact with you. (That’s the whole point of using social media for digital marketing!)

  • Post about your blog: If someone at your company is creating blog content, it’s critically important to SHARE IT. This is a no brainer! (What? No one is blog writing for you? May I direct you back to us?)
  • Show off your culture: I used to work at a place where we celebrated every holiday (real and made-up!) with a fun breakfast or lunch complete with hats and noisemakers. Those event photos made GREAT social posts. Not only do they show your community a more personal side of your team, but they also give potential employees some insight into what they are missing!)
  • The news they can use: Don’t hesitate to share information and articles (from credible sources) about studies, statistics and anything interesting about your industry.
  • Ask a question: Know what’s interesting about the one-sided conversation? Absolutely nothing. Post a question about something sure to catch your community’s “eye” and respond to the answers to encourage conversation.
  • Testimonials: When you get a positive review on Google or Yelp, or a customer sends you an email or Tweet telling you how your company or employee rocks, don’t keep the nice words a secret. SHARE THE NEWS in a social meeting post. Referrals rule!
  • Any Company Videos: Launching a new product? Opening a new location? Recognizing an employee who has done well? Attending a trade show? That’s video — and social posting — gold! Film it and share it!
  • Friday Funnies or Meme-y Mondays! Everyone loves a good laugh! And we sure know that gifs get shared.
  • Anything Interesting: You know this full well. You start surfing the ‘net and the next thing you know you are down a rabbit hole of articles — one leading to the next — that are sharing tidbits of info that holds your attention. If you share those kinds of smart, entertaining types of articles, photos, etc., people will come back for more.
(Bonus Tip!!! 9. Don’t forget to share posts for holiday greetings and seasonal celebrations, too! Everyone loves a good Happy 4th of July or “Bring on the Autumn!”
Once again, if you could use a hand with digital content — either web pages, blogs or social media posting — learn more about Harmonia Media. We’ve got you covered.

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