Online vs. Offline: Finding the Marketing Strategy that’s Right for Your Company

Online vs. Offline: Finding the Marketing Strategy that’s Right for Your Company

December 14, 2017
When it comes to marketing your company, there is certainly more than one pathway to success. However, whichever strategy you use, many of the basic ingredients remain the same. In fact, it’s always a giant melting pot of ideas, initiatives, failures & tweaks, hard work and patience.That being said, as eloquently stated in a recent article, Offline VS. Online Marketing: What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business, finding the right mix of all the myriad marketing ingredients available in today’s marketplace is the key to the perfect — and successful — recipe.

“Get started by making a plan and assessing the value to your business of the various online and offline tactics,” according to the article.

Offline Marketing: This is what’s known as more traditional marketing. It includes print articles and advertising, brochures, TV and radio, and even — dare we say it?! – in-person networking!

Non-digital forms of marketing still work, but in a marketplace that is spinning thanks to technology faster and faster every day, focusing on digital — IOHO (in our humble opinion) — is the best bang for your buck.

Online Marketing: If you have an eCommerce business, it stands to reason that online, or digital marketing, is a great option for you. You are already trying to drive Internet buyers to your website so you might as well use the strategies known to be effective. These include SEO, paid to advertise, linking strategies and email marketing.

Another huge digital marketing strategy focuses on social media. Anyone who is anyone is anyone is on one social media platform or another. You want to be where your prospects are hanging out. Believe us, you’ll find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Point of note, even if your business isn’t solely online, you have to understand that your customers are looking for you there. That being said, strategic digital marketing can drive customers to your brick and mortar establishment as well as your online headquarters.

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The truth is, successful marketing involves a little bit of everything. Anything that builds brand awareness and attracts the attention of your customers is worth the effort. The real question is: is it all worth the money?

Offline marketing tends to be more expensive and success is more difficult to track. Digital marketing comes with the promise of analytics. You will always know how your marketing dollars are working for you and if, and when, you need to change it up.

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