How to Make Your Website a Can’t-Miss Lead Magnet

How to Make Your Website a Can’t-Miss Lead Magnet

February 21, 2019

Way before the Internet, when marketing was all about TV and radio commercials as well as print display advertising, we were told a consumer had to hear and/or see your message up to 10 times before they remembered it and digested it well enough to take action.

Thanks to the Internet, times have surely changed. Now there are so many more factors that go into clicking to buy.

First, we have to consider that the Internet is our main source of information. Not everyone, in fact, almost no one, visits any particular site with the initial intention of making a purchase. In fact, according to a study released by Episerver:

  • 92 per cent of people will land on a website simply searching for information about a product
  • 25 per cent of web searchers are simply kicking tires and doing price comparisons
  • One in 10 people is just trying to find out more about a particular store.

With those facts considered, it’s critical to create a “lead magnet” with your website so consumers remember you, think about asking for referrals to your brand, and actually come back to learn more and make a purchase.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something that you offer to consumers in return for their contact information. The tangible could be a list of tips, a video, an e-book or a white paper — anything they can download (for free!)

Once you get their email address you can begin a conversation. You can send them nurturing emails, coupons, important, useful information and anything else that you can use to bring them back to your website and buy, buy, buy!!

Great, Accurate Website Content is Key

To figure out the best way to create a quality lead magnet, one that will drive traffic to your “contact us” page and convince people to fill it out looking for more information (or a download or some other goodie), we can look at the reasons why people fail to convert. (They either don’t click to add to cart or they abandon their cart before closing the deal.)

The same Episerver report detailed, in fact, that the vast majority of customer website visits fail to result in a purchase. Why? Shoppers say they bounce because of poor content — there is either incomplete information listed or completely inaccurate information on the website.

This makes it clear. One of the most important ways to get people to click to buy, or at least click to ask questions, is to make sure your content is not only high-quality (Google will thank you) but factual, descriptive, compelling and accurate.

Ready, set? Fill out Harmonia Media’s convenient online contact form and we’ll take a look at your website and tell you how we can turn it into a lead magnet that will drive traffic and business to new heights! (Or, pick up the phone: (855) 535-4848 — there is no time like the present!)

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