How Do You Know It’s Time to Find a New Digital Marketing Agency?

October 11, 2018
Think about your own company. How important is it to provide great customer service?
Now, think about your service providers, including your marketing agency. How often do you find yourself thinking most other companies may talk that talk, but rarely walk that walk?
Same here.
At Harmonia Media, like you, we’ve experienced our share of being promised a fancy dinner only to get the scraps. In fact, our founder, Matt O’Grady, started this company because he decided he was sick and tired of being taken advantage of by agencies who have nothing to lose. (They didn’t even seem upset that they lost a customer. They just moved on…convincing some other sod they could change the world with mediocre SEO and crappy content.)
Harmonia Media is quite different. First off, we don’t fix things that aren’t broken. It’s possible that some aspects of your digital marketing strategy are working – maybe not. We won’t know until we look under the hood, so to speak, and do a proper analysis.
Second, at Harmonia, our clients are not some number in a CRM. You work directly with Matt and our highly experienced content strategist Bari Faye Siegel. They will provide the quality services — and customer service — that you need, want and deserve.
Hey, it’s your money. Shouldn’t you get what you pay for? We think so. Contact Harmonia Media today for a free phone consultation. More leads and sales could be one contact away. Fill out our online contact form or call Matt at (855)  535-4848.
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