Gratitude Creates Far More than Happiness; It Creates Success and Wealth

Gratitude Creates Far More than Happiness; It Creates Success and Wealth

December 3, 2019

Whether you are the owner of your company, a worker bee or anything in between, your success — each and every day — begins and ends with your own outlook on life. When you feel gratitude, you are able to more easily see the positive side of things, to see the glass as half full and to be more aware of what you may need to do to move the needle forward in your professional and personal relationships.

Many gratitude gurus believe in the Law of Attraction as it relates to becoming more successful. If you appreciate what you have, you will attract more things for which you can be grateful.

In a business sense, this concept may seem far too abstract. We have come to know that to grow our businesses we need to sell. Sales create wealth. More green puts you further in the black. Right?

True…in concrete terms. But gratitude allows you to focus on what you already have, which clears the way for growth. And, growth, too, creates success and wealth — especially in business.

Start with yourself. Adopt an attitude of gratitude in your personal and professional lives. Corporate gratitude has a direct link to improving morale (your own and that of your colleagues/employees) which, in turn, impacts productivity.

More effort and work equals more growth and success.

Get Grateful!

1. What do you appreciate in life? Write it down. When you are aware of your own blessings, you carry yourself with the kind of positivity that people gravitate toward. In fact, not only does it help them see the silver lining in life, but it makes them want to help you be better, too.

2. Spread Gratitude. When you tell others how much you appreciate them, their work ethic, their team spirit in the workplace, you give them permission to be more positive. Then, there is a natural pay-it-forward mentality and gratitude finds a home at your company.

3. Make an effort throughout the day to be positive. Notice the good and share your thoughts and observations with others. When you look at something in a new way, especially if it’s a person or situation that would usually cause you grief, you can change your reality. Look at what’s right about the person or circumstance. Change your point of view for the better and others will follow suit.

4. Do more than dream about success, take steps to enact it. If you are doing business today, then you are doing business online. If you are hoping and praying your customers find you, then you are not doing your company or bottom line any favors. Gratitude means talking the talk and walking the walk.

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Let’s face facts. You cannot make others feel gratitude. You can, however, be an example of someone who is positive, appreciates life and wants to share joy. When you do this, especially in the workplace, gratitude becomes contagious. And that’s the space where success shines.

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