Do You Even Strategize?

Do You Even Strategize?

April 17, 2018

According to Smart Insights, 49 per cent of companies are engaged in digital marketing with no defined strategy. So, while you are paying money for digital marketing efforts, you may just be tossing money out of the window. How can you measure success without clear goals and objectives?

Digital efforts are quite different than traditional marketing channels. Diverse customer profiles and behaviour, competitors, propositions and myriad options for marketing communications all make it difficult to succeed when you your strategy is based on “chance.”

  • Do you have a clear vision of what you aim to achieve?
  • Who is your audience and are you communicating with your customers where they are hanging out online?
  • Do you have sufficient resources to meet your goals?

The truth is, most companies fail to even have an online value proposition.

Don’t leave your potential web success to chance. Determine your goals and develop a sound digital marketing strategy for meeting them. We can help.

Contact Harmonia Media today for a free consultation about your web presence. We’ll set up a strategy that will be driving the kind of leads you should be getting.


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