Harmonia Media: Best Practices Search Engine Optimization

Keywords, long-tailed search terms, metas, title tags, oh my! Search Engine Optimization is complex and the work is never done. It’s a constant effort to get websites to rank well in organic search.

In fact, if you find a digital marketer who tells you they have a full understanding of how Google and the other search engines rank websites, run for the hills!

The only thing we know for sure is that Google changes its algorithms a few hundred times a year -- or more. Of course, not all tweaks are cause for marketing strategy changes. However, being vigilant about SEO is critical to being successful at ranking high in search.

At Harmonia Media, our SEO experts stay on top of changes to make sure we are as effective as possible. We are flexible and change as the market dictates so your website is always powered by the most current optimization strategies.

Harmonia Media Takes On-Site & Off-Site Optimization Seriously

When it comes to web search, we know that people put in various words, terms or phrases into a search box and they receive a list of “answers” to their query. Our job is to make sure your website comes up high in every search possible.

In a nutshell, there are two basic things to consider when managing SEO: onsite and offsite optimization strategies. You need them both to rank high in searches. We’re great at both.

On-Site Optimization: Search engines looks for certain important attributes on your website including great, well-written content as well as other factors analyzed by search engines such as title tags, headings, meta tags and much more. Further, on-site linking is important for both organic ranking and user experience.

Off-Site Optimization: Search engines also take a queue about the relevancy of various websites by looking at how popular your URL/pages are on the web. Links (backlinks) from other sites add credibility to your site. Links to and from a blog are most common. Harmonia Media will work hard to build your backlinks to improve off-site optimization and organic search ranking.

Contact Harmonia Media for a Consultation about Website SEO

When it comes to SEO, there is nothing as permanent as change. We stay on top of best practices and trends to make sure your website is not only in compliance but ranks well in all organic searches. Call today for a consultation about your digital marketing strategy and our top-notch SEO services.