Gratitude Creates Far More than Happiness; It Creates Success and Wealth

to keep hold of those thankful feelings you shared with friends and loved ones. Here’s how.

Whether you are the owner of your company, worker bee or anything in between, your success — each and every day — begins and ends with your own outlook on life. When you feel gratitude, you are able to more easily see the positive side of things, to see the glass as half full and to be more aware of what you may need to do to move the needle forward in your professional and personal relationships.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. 

If you concentrate on what you don’t have, 

you will never, ever have enough.”

                  – Oprah Winfrey

Many gratitude gurus believe in the Law of Attraction as it relates to becoming more successful. If you appreciate what you have, you will attract more things for which you can be grateful.

In a business sense, this concept may seem far too abstract. We have come to know that to grow our businesses we need to sell. Sales create wealth. More green puts you further in the black. Right?

True…in concrete terms. But gratitude allows you to focus on what you already have, which clears the way for growth. And, growth, too, creates success and wealth — especially in business.

Start with yourself. Adopt an attitude of gratitude in your personal and professional lives. Corporate gratitude has a direct link to improving morale (your own and that of your colleagues/employees) which, in turn, impact productivity.

More effort and work equals more growth and success.

Get Grateful!

  1. What do you appreciate in life? Write it down. When you are aware of your own blessings, you carry yourself with the kind of positivity that people gravitate toward. In fact, not only does it help them see the silver lining in life, but it makes them want to help you be better, too.
  2. Spread Gratitude. When you tell others how much you appreciate them, their work ethic, their team spirit in the workplace, you give them permission to be more positive. Then, there is a natural pay-it-forward mentality and gratitude finds a home at your company.
  3. Make an effort throughout the day to be positive. Notice the good and share your thoughts and observations with others. When you look at something in a new way, especially if it’s a person or situation that would usually cause you grief, you can change your reality. Look at what’s right about the person or circumstance. Change your point of view for the better and others will follow suit.
  4. Do more than dream about success, take steps to enact it. If you are doing business today, then you are doing business online. If you are hoping and praying your customers to find you, then you are not doing your company or bottom line any favours. Gratitude means talking the talk and walking the walk. At Harmonia Media, we can help take you from “wanting to grow” to SUCCESS fast with targeted digital marketing strategies. Contact Harmonia Media now to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

Let’s face facts. You cannot make others feel gratitude. You can, however, be an example of someone who is positive, appreciates life and wants to share joy. When you do this, especially in the workplace, gratitude becomes contagious. And that’s the space where success shines.

Make Your Customer’s Experience a Priority and They’ll Feel It

Creating a customer experience strategy that delights clients, keeps them engaged and encourages them to refer others to buy from you is not a one-and-done activity. You need to craft a plan, engage your employees to live and breathe the plan and tweak it constantly to make sure it’s working.

So, how do you get started on the path to creating a CX plan that truly is worth the effort?

Let’s make sure we understand the definition of a “Customer Experience Strategy.”

According to Hubspot, “if customer experience refers to the sum of every interaction a customer has with a business, both pre- and post-sale, the customer experience strategy defines the actionable plans in place to deliver a positive, meaningful experience across those interactions.”

Your CX strategy has to engage your entire workforce from every member of management to the vendors you interact with regularly. This includes people who have facetime with customers and those who don’t. CX mustibe a system-wide effort.

Every action creates a reaction from customers. You want people to be inspired to react positively. And, even when that’s not possible, because not every situation is ideal, you want customers to feel cared for and listened to and that their concerns have been heard and are being addressed. Right away.

To do this, you need to make sure your team understands the goal (delighting customers!) When they partake in helping to create the CX strategy, they will “own” it and ensure it works. This means asking for feedback constantly from your team to find out how you can do better.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful plan of action including: 

  • Setting a company vision based on delighting customers
  • Truly understanding your customer base and how they interact with you
  • Having critical knowledge of your marketplace including knowing who your competitors are and what they are doing to attract and retain customers

Finally, and this might be the most important piece of the puzzle, you need to evaluate what your company does well and where you need improvement so you can fix what’s broken and monitor improvements.

How will you know if your customer experience (CX) strategy is working? 

  1. You’ll have happy customers who buy again and again.
  2. Those customers will leave positive online reviews.
  3. They will talk about their positive interactions with your company and products/services to everyone they know (and even some they don’t!)
  4. Your employees will feel the positive vibes from happy customer interactions and it will show in their work motivation and productivity.

Harmonia Media Will Help Nurture Your Customers

One of the digital components of CX is putting in place a solid nurturing strategy to ensure you stay top of mind when customers are not currently interacting with you. This is vital because you never know when they could be in a position to recommend you, or when they need to buy again.

Harmonia Media’s expertise in nurturing customers through targeted email marketing campaigns is second to none.

Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation. We will help you drive new business to your website and create a customer experience you’ll be proud to shout about!

Repurposing Content: What’s Old is New Again

Effective web content isn’t easy to create. It takes a skilled writer, an understanding of the target audience and a talent for storytelling to compel reader, or customer, action.

One great way to get the most of your content is to repurpose it. Here are 10 great ways to get more mileage out of the content you already own.
  • Take old blog articles and turn them into How-To guides
  • Use web or blog content as a basis for a podcast
  • Focus on some research you’ve collected or written about and personalize it by creating a case study
  • Share small bits of content on Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • Rewrite old blog posts and update with new facts and details
  • Create an infographic out of an article on a research study or other company content
  • Create an eBook
  • Spin your current content and send to other web outlets for possible publication
  • Take your website FAQ and create “Did you know?” blurbs for social media or expand the topics into blog posts
  • Turn customer testimonials into long-form content
You don’t have to create brand new content from scratch all the time. There are many ways to turn various types of content into new and exciting ways to deliver information and drive traffic.

Location-Based Marketing Drives Hot Leads Fast to Your Store, Website

On this blog, we usually talk about digital marketing strategies — SEO, web design, PPC  campaigns, great content, email nurturing and more.

Today, we are going to focus on the place where brick and mortar meets digital; the latest technology, location-based marketing, is a great way to reach prospective customers who are doing business with your competition.

Location-based marketing is an amazing technology and it’s the reason you sometimes see ads online or receive notifications of sales for items you just happen to be interested in! Imagine that? Each time you think someone might be peeking at your search history, the truth is, in a way, they are.

Location-based marketing is a strategy that sends prospects information, on their phones, about restaurants and stores when they are nearby. Consider that when you walk into a mall, Google knows this and sends you ads and messages for stores in the mall that use geo-targeting.

Once we, as marketers, design the campaign based on geography — the town, a store, a street, etc. — and then reach out to prospects (who have agreed to receive these types of messages) with ads and notices of your business. In other words, we figure out who you want to sell to, literally “find” those people when they enter a targeted location and tell them about your company. Pretty cool, huh?

There are actually three types of location-based marketing strategies: geo-targeting, geo-fencing and geo-conquesting.

For the purpose of this discussion, let’s pretend I own a vitamin shop in a small town.

  • With geo-targeting, we find prospects based on places they have visited before. So, I will target local gyms where I know people are working out and, therefore, likely interested in health products. I’ll send them information about my weight loss supplements or protein shakes, as well as any sales on vitamins I believe they might think will boost their nutrition.
  • Geo-fencing refers to an area around a particular location. We can “draw” a fence around a business or point of interest — the mall, as an example — and send real-time content and ads to someone’s phone when they enter the location. The drawback to this strategy is that we would be casting a wide net. If I “fence” the mall, I will be sending information to people who work out and those who don’t, as well as people who are at the mall going to GNC to buy vitamins and those who never take vitamins and supplements.
  • Geo-conquesting is where attracting competitors’ customers comes into play. We “fence” the competitor’s store, a GNC, for example, and every time someone walks into that store, we’ll send them information about a big sale at my vitamin store in an effort to get their attention and perhaps lure them away from my competition.

The best part about location-based marketing, in addition to the fact that we see results very fast, is that we can track campaigns to measure how well they are working and tweak the “fence” or audience as needed.

At Harmonia Media, our clients have enjoyed tremendous success with location-based marketing! We can do the same for you. Contact us today to discuss how we can drive quality leads to your door (and/or website!) fast.

Are They Talking About You Online?

There was a time, not too long ago, that we (people doing business in the marketplace, any marketplace) thought that if people were talking about us, it was a good thing. Even bad press is press, we would say.

Not anymore. Bad press or, in the world in digital marketing, haters, bad reviews, naysayers on social media, etc., create a huge problem for any company trying to win new customers and keep existing ones. As sure as good referrals can build your business fast, even one bad review or even simply a not-so-positive comment can wreak havoc with your company faster.

What To Do?

When a negative online comment is posted, and it someday will, because try as you might, you can’t please everyone, you have to recognize it, not ignore it, and manage your reaction appropriately.

In the world of digital marketing strategy, we call it online reputation management. And, if you are doing it well, you have a proactive plan in place to stay on top of all online comments, good and bad.

Size Doesn’t Matter as Or Does It?

Whether your business is a two-man shop or a big corporation, negative tweets, posts and comments will hurt your reputation. They may scare potential customers away. And, if the action that caused the comment is particularly egregious — even if it’s just a perception issue — the damage will be even worse. The size of your business matters in one way, the smaller the company the more damage one ding is likely to hurt.

One thing is certain, you cannot ignore social media. It won’t go away. And neither will the haters.

If you want to grow a business in today’s digital economy, accept that people’s voices, opinions and reviews matter…A LOT.

So, here are some tips to help you get out in front of your reputation and behind your brand if you get attacked. 

  • Attract Fans. If you work very hard to get your customers to rely on you, respect you and trust you and your products and services, they will naturally speak kindly of you, refer you and post and tweet great things about you.These fans and their positivity will come in handy when you have to balance any negative comments online.
  • Know What You Need to Know.  In other words, you don’t know what you don’t know! Therefore, monitor all of your online platforms including your blog and online review sites such as Google and Yelp, etc.If you do this well, you’ll be able to spot any negativity right away and manage it appropriately so that it doesn’t impact your reputation long term.
  • Act Fast and Politely If and When the Need Arises. If someone writes a negative review or makes a negative comment about your company, take the high road and respond quickly. Apologize, and try to make amends.  Do everything possible to immediately take the conversation away from the public eye. Email, DM, phone calls all work.After the dispute is resolved, make sure you post how you resolved it. If you truly made the customer happy, you may get lucky enough and they either will take down their original negative comment or post how happy they are that you made things right.
  • Don’t Be Too Proud to Make Changes to Ensure the Problem that Brought on the Negativity Doesn’t Happen Again.You know what they say doing the same thing twice and not learning from your mistake the first time, right? It’s really really a dumb business.Companies are made up of great people and, even the best people, the most competent employees, make mistakes. We are human. So, if you get caught making a mistake, and it causes a bad reputation issue, make it right.

Then, assess your business plan to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Making the same mistake a third time is more than dumb.

Finally, Don’t Go It Alone. Talk to the reputation management experts at Harmonia Media. We understand how uncomfortable it is to have to deal with little problems after they become monster problems. Let us stay on top of your brand and reputation online so that you can continue to grow your business and keep customers happy.

Contact Harmonia Media for a free phone consultation about all your digital marketing strategy needs

Drive More Traffic to Your Website with this Targeted Approach

For the purpose of this blog post, let’s assume that you have a GREAT website up and running.

Let’s work together to keep the momentum going and drive new business.

Harmonia Media proposes a four-prong ongoing digital marketing strategy. By combining SEO and general website optimization, geofencing and pay per click (PPC) advertising, public relations and a nurturing eNewsletter campaign, we believe we can achieve success.

SEO & Website Optimization:

When more people are able to find your company online faster, the result is likely increased interest and possibly more business. Of course, you want the right people to find you — the people who need what you sell and can pay you for it.

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases the visibility of a website while, at the same time, increases the quality and quantity of website traffic. We call this organic because it’s a result of high-quality back-end work done by experienced website optimization specialists.

Paid SEO, on the other hand, is just that; you pay search engines to make sure your website comes up with an option when certain topics are searched. This is called PPC (pay-per-click.)


Just as it sounds, you set a budget and each time someone “clicks” on an ad (several options for ads, by the way,) you pay a fee for that lead. Combined with geofencing, Harmonia Media believes PPC is a great way to drive high-quality traffic fast.


We choose an area geographically and place a high-tech virtual “fence” around it. When a quality lead (we set the parameters for this metric) enters that fenced-in area, they will receive advertising on their social media feeds, Google searches, and even while reading their favourite news site. Geo-fencing goes on behind the scenes, so to speak, using the same GPS system your phone or car uses to find people, places and things.

In other words, if someone is interested in finding a data privacy attorney in a certain geographic location, they would come “face to face” with an ad from you. Once they click on the ad to learn more, they would go to a page on your website that compels them to contact you.

We know that kind of technology, combined with old school public relations, will raise awareness about your company in your marketplace and drive interest (calls).

Public Relations

Harmonia Media PR is led by a national publicist who has generated needle-moving media coverage for countless entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits and public policy initiatives.

We can get the kind of coverage for you that will really put your company on the map.

Additionally, of course, another main strategy will be to further solidify your presence in the marketplace as a thought leader.

Nurturing Campaign

Content is King. We know this. When you capture the attention of your prospect and compel them with information, you’ve got them where you want them. A great monthly eNewsletter with multiple sections will inform about industry information, resources, and also promote your services.


Digital marketing strategy is not linear, nor is it one and done. It takes a variety of shots on goal, over time, to drive success. Harmonia Media believes this quad-play is the most effective and efficient way to exceed your expectations and take your company to the next level.

The Fine Art of Listening in Customer Service

Want to know the easiest way to find out what your customers need and want?

LISTEN to them. No, I mean really listen. Stop talking for a moment — even if you have some kind of talk track you use when someone calls or approaches you at an event.

One thing that happened this week that proves the necessity for “listen more, talk less.”

I was stuck in South Florida as then-predicted “apocalyptic” Hurricane Dorian was hurtling toward me at two miles per hour. The entire state of Florida was losing their minds. There wasn’t enough water, gasoline and bread to go around. I have never seen anything like it in my life. (Especially for a region of the country where four months a year they have something called HURRICANE SEASON. But that’s another topic entirely.)

Anyway, I started to try to get home the moment I got off the plane at West Palm Beach International Airport. I called the airlines, only to find out that while the company agreed to switch flights for people looking to leave (without cost!) there simply were no flights available. Frontier Airlines had decided to suspend all flights for the next week. It was Aug. 28. I was told the next flight I could get on would be Sept. 9.

I called and called and called. Essentially, each time I got an answer I didn’t like, I called back.

Finally, at 11 p.m., I got someone who told me they could help me. They confirmed, indeed, that Frontier was not going to be flying out of Florida until Sept. 9. However, he could get me on a flight from Minneapolis to Trenton (my home airport) the following morning, Aug. 30, at 10 a.m.

Woo hoo!!!! I was saved. Well, except for the issue of being STUCK IN SOUTH FLORIDA!

Now, remember, I had just explained my issue thoroughly. He looked at my booking and confirmed where I was and which airports I had reasonable access to. He even told me that he couldn’t get me out of South Florida for over a week.

However, his solution was for me to get to the other side of the country in less than 12 hours – by what? Foot? Rental car at 11 p.m. at night?

I asked him where he was at the moment and he said the Philippines. I then made him an offer: “meet me in Minneapolis for the flight tomorrow at 10 a.m. and I’ll give you a million dollars.”

He responded, “Mam, there’s no way I could get to Minneapolis by 10 a.m. tomorrow.”

Neither could I!!!!! Neither could I.

The issue here was simple. He heard my words as a customer but did not listen to my challenges and concerns. He wasn’t using his head to problem solve, he was using a script that was useless in the situation.

The end result was extreme frustration on my part and a complete and utter annoyance with Frontier Airlines. And, I’m telling this story often. It’s not good for my blood pressure and it’s certainly not good for Frontier’s reputation.

As a business owner, please make the art of listening paramount in your customer service training. As people, we can’t always get what we want, but feeling as though the person who is trying to help you understands your plight makes the bad medicine easier to take. And, when the news is positive, it helps the customer remember the interaction even more favourably.

Need help with customer relationship management or business reputation management? Contact Harmonia Media for a free consultation. We will listen and we will help. 

Is it Google MY Business or Google THEIR Business?

Did you know that Google is now showing competitor ads in the business profiles of local companies? It’s true and, rather unbelievably, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot pay to remove those competitors’ ads.

Say What?

According to Google, “with a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.” That’s awesome. But when a competitor’s ad shows up on your Google My Business account page, is that helping or hurting you?

Hard to say. For now, as I said, you can’t pay to remove those ads — if your listing gets hit with one. But, it stands to reason that ever-monetizing Google execs are thinking about ways to charge business owners to get those ads removed. (No real word from Google on this….we think it’s a good horse to bet on, though.)

They give you a free perk — Google My Business. And, then, they make you pay to make it really valuable. Some gift.

But Why?

Last spring, Google sent out a survey to business owners and some marketing agencies asking about what features they may want to see added to Google My Business. According to industry insiders, one request was to “get leads from competitor profiles.”

Google responded by mixing and matching competitors’ ads and listings. Apparently, Google isn’t so concerned about the confusion this may cause (and is already causing). Talk about bounce rate? Now we have to worry about potential leads going elsewhere before all that “high-quality web content” demanded by Google grabs their attention?

Point of note: Google has every right to do this because businesses don’t actually OWN their Google My Business profile page. Google owns them. Google is a business that has never made a secret of trying to make money. This is the way business works.

It’s a shame we now have to figure out how to rise above and continue to drive traffic and legitimate leads. On the positive side, Harmonia Media has the skills and experience to help your company get where it needs to go with targeted SEO, great content and we even have a few tricks up our sleeve that really drives online customer action.

Contact us Harmonia Media today for a free digital marketing consultation.

The Most Important NON-TECH Reason to Update Your Web Content

What’s the point of having great content on your website? There are actually at least three reasons to make sure your content marketing is extraordinary. (Two of them are Google-related; one is less tech-y.)

These are the same reasons why, no matter how good your current web content may have read the last time you did an update, it’s not good enough today.

Reasons 1 & 2: Google loves new, high-quality content and it rewards sites that offer it by frequently indexing those sites.

The more often search engines index your site, the more likely your chances of winning a higher ranking in search results.

The second reason is behind-the-scenes. Whenever you post new content, whether a new page, blog post or article, or you just refresh the words on your site so what’s old sounds new again, you have the chance to add more SEO-loving keywords.

Now, in no way are we saying you should be loading up on keywords for keyword sake. (That’s called keyword stuffing and it’s a no-no. Readers hate that!)

Strategic content updates wherein you add some important words, on the other hand, are very helpful.

So, when given the chance, I toss “digital marketing strategy” into a blog post– for good measure.

Relevant keywords come in very handy when your site is being indexed and for ranking purposes. The more high-quality content with regular keywords you add, the higher your ranking.

Translation: more would-be customers can find you online easier.

So, let’s get to it. What’s the most important, non-techy reason to update your content online?

Well, what’s the point of your website? It is to engage, inform and compel customers to stay, read, click and, hopefully, connect (and buy?)  Right? Exactly.

So, answer these questions:

– Has your company made any changes, improvements or enhancements?

– Have you added any new offerings?

– Upgraded your pricing?

– Do you have literally anything new to share with would-be customers?

If your answers are “no, no, no and no,” you may not need to refresh your web content.

However, I would love to know, are you making any money?

Companies, and their accompanying websites, are living, breathing entities. If you’re not growing, you’re stagnating. In today’s marketplace, stagnation is a death knoll.

Continually updating your web content provides customers with new existing information, more calls-to-action and more reasons to give your brand a chance.

Information, online, sells. In other words,  want to increase sales? Refresh your information, or content, online.

Need help? Meet Harmonia Media. When it comes to adding content or refreshing what you already have, we are a great place to start.

Contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

How to Acquire Customers for Life: A Can’t-Miss Strategy

This is a conversation I feel like I have many times every week. I keep repeating it to every prospect and every client because, in my opinion, it’s the crux of any business growth strategy. It’s certainly what drives Harmonia Media’s growth strategy.

Here are my can’t-miss, three-step, deal flow-driving strategy:

  1. Figure out what your customer needs, by uncovering their pain point. What keeps them up at night? What do they need to seek out in the world to make “it” better — whatever “it” is.
  2. Once you’ve figured out No. 1, you are ready to attack. This point assumes you’ve been doing your research in the right market — as in you are researching people who are thirsty and you sell beverages and not you are researching people who are thirsty and you sell tires. Try as you might, that won’t work out well.So you know what your customer needs and why they need it. And you sell it. Now you have to connect with them. But how?
  3. Digital Marketing— in all the right places. You need to talk about what you do wherever they hang out. And, your prospects are hanging out where absolutely everyone is hanging out: online! Now, where they are exactly is up for discussion. But knowing where they could be is much better than A. having no clue and B. Talking about what you sell with people who don’t need it. (Don’t post information about your dog food in a cat lover’s chat group.)So, those are the basics of my plan. And, it works.
    • Know your audience. 
    • Know your product. 
    • Connect the two online. 
    • Simple, right?

Eh, not so much. Digital marketing is a very intricate puzzle of content and search engine optimization and design and advertising and email outreach and….. The list goes on and on.

At Harmonia Media, we know one size doesn’t fit all. The difference between your company and ours is this: we sell something every company needs — access to potential new customers.

Could your company use some more sales? Let’s talk. Harmonia Media customizes every digital marketing strategy based on the client’s needs – no more,  no less. You get what you pay for and what you pay for is extraordinarily affordable considering our track record of driving sales and company growth for clients.

Harmonia Media is different and we’ll prove it. Let’s start with a free phone consultation. Contact us now to schedule a call. Your customers are looking for you….


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