Social Posting Writer’s Block? Here’s 8 Ways to Get Unstuck

You know you need to stay in constant communication with your customers and prospects via your social media platforms. However, easier said than done, right? After all, perhaps you are not a writer and marketing ideas don’t come easy to you.
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There are several “low hanging fruit” ideas to post about. They all promote your company by bragging about your culture, sharing important information and offering ways for people to interact with you. (That’s the whole point of using social media for digital marketing!)

  • Post about your blog: If someone at your company is creating blog content, it’s critically important to SHARE IT. This is a no brainer! (What? No one is blog writing for you? May I direct you back to us?)
  • Show off your culture: I used to work at a place where we celebrated every holiday (real and made-up!) with a fun breakfast or lunch complete with hats and noisemakers. Those event photos made GREAT social posts. Not only do they show your community a more personal side of your team, but they also give potential employees some insight into what they are missing!)
  • The news they can use: Don’t hesitate to share information and articles (from credible sources) about studies, statistics and anything interesting about your industry.
  • Ask a question: Know what’s interesting about the one-sided conversation? Absolutely nothing. Post a question about something sure to catch your community’s “eye” and respond to the answers to encourage conversation.
  • Testimonials: When you get a positive review on Google or Yelp, or a customer sends you an email or Tweet telling you how your company or employee rocks, don’t keep the nice words a secret. SHARE THE NEWS in a social meeting post. Referrals rule!
  • Any Company Videos: Launching a new product? Opening a new location? Recognizing an employee who has done well? Attending a trade show? That’s video — and social posting — gold! Film it and share it!
  • Friday Funnies or Meme-y Mondays! Everyone loves a good laugh! And we sure know that gifs get shared.
  • Anything Interesting: You know this full well. You start surfing the ‘net and the next thing you know you are down a rabbit hole of articles — one leading to the next — that are sharing tidbits of info that holds your attention. If you share those kinds of smart, entertaining types of articles, photos, etc., people will come back for more.
(Bonus Tip!!! 9. Don’t forget to share posts for holiday greetings and seasonal celebrations, too! Everyone loves a good Happy 4th of July or “Bring on the Autumn!”
Once again, if you could use a hand with digital content — either web pages, blogs or social media posting — learn more about Harmonia Media. We’ve got you covered.

New Year, New Website Content!

If you are a business owner, you likely have one of three thoughts about your company’s website.

  • You LOVE it! You just spent a ton of dough to update it and it looks freakin’ awesome.
  • You HATE it! Maybe you never liked it or maybe it is old and worn out. It’s not working to drive new customers.
  • You don’t really care one way or another because you only have a website because someone told you that you need one. It doesn’t do anything anyway so why bother to care.

I have news for you. Regardless of how you feel about your website, if you aren’t paying attention to it — and I mean constant attention — it will never make you money. (Don’t have time to pay attention to your website? Skip to the end of this blog post NOW!)

It’s absolutely true that you need a properly optimized website that drives traffic to your brand. And, once they arrive on your digital doorstep, customers must be compelled to take action (calls to action.) The whole site needs to work properly and look appealing because if it doesn’t, you’ll quickly chase away any prospect who finds you in the first place. (You’ve got plenty of competition only a click or two away!)

So, that brings me to fresh content. Adding new content often to your site — new pages and an active blog — does several great things for your business.

  1. Google loves fresh content.

Every time you add new content or update what’s already there, Google takes notice. The search engine bots (or web crawlers) will stop by to check you out (on the back end, of course!) When you get attention from search engines, you have the chance to achieve higher rankings in organic search. This means that people can find you more quickly when they search for something you sell.

  1. Become (and remain!) an Authority Site

Google designates Authority Sites based on the quality of content offered and how often new content is added. If you are adding high-quality content that offers valuable information for people, your site has the potential to gain greater authority online. It stands to reason that the better the content is, posted often, the chances of becoming an authority site increase substantially.

  1. Engage Your Audience

This is the most simple of concepts to understand when it comes to why you need to keep your site fresh and exciting with new content (content, by the way, includes words, images, video, etc.)

Think about the last time you did a web search for a piece of information you needed or a product/service you were interested in purchasing. When you find a site that is out of date, do you stay and search for information or do you immediately think, “what else is out there?”

Admit it. You bounce — and quickly.

If the last blog post on a website is from months (or dare I say years ago), it’s a sure sign that the company is ignoring its customers online. They might as well hang up a “Closed for Business” sign and go home.

This is the year your company is going to SHINE! We want to help you do that by making sure that your website is everything you need to attract customers and compel them to make contact.

At Harmonia Media, we do things a bit differently than our competition. We are honest and straightforward. We have no interest in selling you something you don’t need. And, like you, we pride ourselves on customer service.

Talk to Harmonia about your digital marketing strategy and you’ll never have to worry about your website again. We are offering free initial phone consultations for new prospects. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation.

Use Great Web Content to SAVE Money

In the world of digital marketing, we know two things about content.

  1. Content has to be compelling, creative and high quality to get Google’s attention.
  2. Traffic-driving SEO is dependent on quality content.

As a longtime journalist-turned-digital-marketing-content-strategist, I’ve always focused on connecting with the reader. There are so many distractions that can easily get your reader’s attention. This is especially true on mobile because on-the-go web surfers tend to be doing five things at once anyway. Dare I suggest that when the light turns green, you’ve lost them?

In any case, most companies look at the need for content as an expense. You need it. You can’t write it yourself. You have to pay for it. Ugh. Right?

I’d like to invite you to consider a new way to view online content. Consider the fact that there’s the possibility of ROI –  Return on Investment – that comes from actually having to spend less money on certain areas of your business. How? Allow your great web content to do the work.

Consider how important your customer service operation is to your company. Whether or not you have actual reps who answer phones, conduct online chats or handle emails, someone is playing the role of customer service guru. Perhaps it’s you? Maybe it’s everyone at the company — whoever happens to answer the phone.

A website with clear, concise information would truly represent your brand, answer important questions and compel the visitor to take the next steps to buy. This allows your content to be working for you 24/7 and frees up some of your critical human resources to focus on other money-making tasks.

It’s a delicate balance, of course. You don’t want to give away all your information. You want prospects to fill out the contact form or make the call. If they don’t respond to the CTA (call to action) then the likelihood of them buying anything from you is slim.

However, people want and need the information to make decisions. Few will spend money before they know they are A) buying something that will solve a problem; B) getting a good deal, and C) comfortable with the quality of the product/service itself.

Great content can satisfy those three needs/wants without giving away the farm. It’s all about strategy. The key to this precarious puzzle we call digital marketing is to understand the offering, get a full, clear grasp on who the potential customers are, and to use the right words to connect the two online. That’s the “what.”

The “how” is a bit more difficult. And, quite frankly, I’m going to use some of my own advice here. I’ve gotten you this far. Want to know the “how?”

Contact us to learn more about the importance of content strategy and how Harmonia Media can take your content to a place where it’s making you money and saving it at the same time.

Stop Chasing Customers Away with Crappy Web Content

Let’s define “content,” for the purposes of this blog article, as editorial (words) that attracts customer attention, fosters connection and provides a clear space for effective communication.Simply put, when your website and other digital marketing assets are compelling enough to engage a would-be customer, it’s because your content is doing its job. (Content can also be defined as images, videos, infographics, etc.)

Much the same way we interact in person, online communications have to be interesting and thought-provoking. But you know what, the true key is being in the right place at the right time with the information someone needs.

Content marketing is important for a variety of reasons. Two are particularly important and worth your consideration.

  • Great content creates relationships.People buy from companies they know and trust. People ask friends and family for personal referrals. By creating relationships with current clients/customers, you are bound to attract those oh-so-important referrals.
  • Google loves great content. Moreover, not only does Google dig quality content — it demands it. Google algorithm changes made in the past couple of years have made set-it-and-forget-it copy obsolete. There was certainly a time when crappy content served as more than a placeholder on websites; it was the final copy! However, low-quality content doesn’t get read. It may even chase people away.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking you would rather go to the dentist than create website content. We hear from you. Lucky for you, we LOVE to write great content that drives leads and sells.

Give the Harmonia Media team a few moments of your time during a free phone consultation and we’ll explain how we can make your ordinary content extraordinary.

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When is Comes to Content, More Isn’t Always Better

There’s a rumour out there in the world of digital marketing that has to go.

More content isn’t always better for search engine analytics. Do you know what’s better? Actually being better.

Google wants high-quality contentSome great content is much better than a constant flurry of poor content. In fact, a website with tons of pages full of lacklustre, boring content that no one wants to read can hurt your website standing far more than it can help it.

The truth is, Google and other search engines have evolved in the past few years. Yes, there was a time that more was definitely better. Today, it’s important to add content to your site but it needs to be useful, interesting content.

In fact, Google has a list of tips for content writers who want to create the highest quality blogs and pages to drive prospective customers.

Google’s Content Style Guide

First things first, write as though you are chatting with the reader. Using jargon won’t connect with anyone. Be friendly and purposeful. You may even want to create a specific “voice” that will help you entertain and inform anyone who finds your site or blog.

  • Be knowledgeable. People are interested in gathering information. Most people will find you because they searched for a particular topic. Provide the answer without a sales pitch.
  • Be accurate. Spelling and grammar count. A website filled with editorial mistakes will drive people away.
  • Avoid long and winding sentences. It’s important to provide information in a clear, concise fashion. Long, run-on sentences are confusing and will create more questions than answers.
  • At a glance, text works great. Bulleted and numbered lists allow readers to find something on the page that appeals to them quickly. (Don’t forget to bold words to attract attention appropriately!)
  • Piggybacking on the last bullet point, make sure you link important topics to other pages on your website where readers can get more information when they need it.

The bottom line: rather than posting content for content’s sake, find a writer who can do a bit of research and create compelling, creative copy that will influence readers and create a reason for them to contact you.

At Harmonia Media, content is our business. Give us a topic and we will provide you with high-quality articles, web pages and blogs that get noticed. Contact us today for a free consultation about your digital marketing strategy.

3 Ways to Attract Eyeballs with Great Social Media Content


As with everything else, when it comes to content marketing — especially for social media — there are many ways to get the job done. However, there are some tried and true best practices (yikes, next I’ll be saying “paradigm shift” and “think outside of the box!”) to make sure you are connecting with your intended audience, driving traffic and, hopefully, exceeding business objectives.

Know Your Audience.

Let’s start in the most obvious place. WHO are you trying to communicate with on your social media platforms? If you take the time upfront to get an understanding of who needs what you are selling, you can write with the tone, attitude and authority appropriate for the conversation. Don’t make the mistake that everyone is a potential customer. Digital marketing is most productive when it’s targeted, strategic and focused.


The old acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Sweetheart!) most definitely applies to social media strategy. First of all, you have a limited character count. Second, statistics reveal that you have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention on a blog post. It stands to reason that you have far less time to hold a pair of eyeballs when it comes to social media. To make people click, be creative, direct and uncomplicated. Whatever you need to say, simplify it and direct them to a landing page on your website that continues the conversation.

Call to Action

Would you be surprised to learn that companies spend countless hours and dollars creating social media content that goes nowhere fast? It’s true. That’s because the posts fail to actually instruct the viewer in any meaningful way. Call to action matters throughout your digital marketing strategy. But it’s especially important when you have only 140 characters to get the job done.

One more thing, as a bonus tip: consider doing what you do best and allow Harmonia Media, digital marketing experts, to manage your social media and more. Give us a call and we’ll tell you why the buck stops here.

Conventional Content? No One’s Got Time for That

OK, maybe that seems a bit harsh. If you have a website, you need content. And, if you are like the vast majority of companies with websites, you have way too much (or far too little) content. Moreover, let’s face it, it’s not great.To succeed on the web, your content needs to be GREAT. Better than the competition. Sparkling. Fill in your choice of superlatives here ________________.

However, even the best content ever needs to be consumable. And, by that, I mean scannable. Forget everything you learned in school. Well, not everything…nouns and verbs are useful. But there is no need for long, involved paragraphs. No one’s got time for that.

Not All Content is Created Equal; Make it Scannable — or Don’t Bother

  • Fall in love with bullet points
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs
  • Don’t be afraid to use bold, but be judicious
  • Add links for credibility! Like this one.
  • Add headings to break up the dull grey text.
  • While you’re at it, all images to keep the conversation lively.

One last note…

This is less about scannability and more about readability. Make your content interesting. Make it FUN! Whether you are writing it or are hiring a copywriter, run it through your own BS meter; give it a good read through. Would you read this copy if you found it online? Does it help or hinder someone’s interest in connecting with you?

Simply put, if they are not reading it (at least some of it that catch their eye) what is the possible point of having words on the page at all?

OK… you can stop worrying about your content now. We got this. Contact Harmonia Media today for a free consultation about your content and your entire digital marketing program.

Kick Writer’s Block to the Curb with these Social Media Content Tips

All great writers (and plenty of not-so-great writers) get kicked in the butt by writer’s block occasionally. And, quite frankly, it’s usually at the worst time possible. There’s a deadline coming up… Your editor wants an update on strategy… The calendar is looking fairly sparse and your idea bank is empty…Don’t despair. We’ve got you covered. You may not win any Pulitzers with these tips, but done well, all social media and digital content can succeed in driving traffic in droves. (Besides, nothing gets the creative writing juices flowing like meeting a deadline and anticipating the next.)


Hashtag it Up!

You’ve seen it all on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, I’m sure. It’s National Cookie Day! It’s National Go For a Walk Day! It’s Hug Your Best Friend Day.

Do you know what I know for sure? Whatever business you are in, whatever you are selling — there’s a day (or seven) that’s perfect for a quick social media mention.

Now, you may have to get creative. Recently, I was working on a social media campaign for a travel agency. National Oreo Day was around the corner. Mmmmm…. Oreos. Ok, I’m sorry, where was I? What does a travel agency have to do with cookies? I spoke with my client about some of the restaurants he has travelled to and asked about his favourite desserts! Bingo! There’s a pub in Tahoe that serves an amazing Oreo pie: #NationalOreoCookieDay.

Real Holidays

On the flip side of absurd hashtag, celebrations are the days we love to gather with family and friends. You know, real holidays? You can turn any topic into Valentine’s friendly post. Where do you think Christmas in July came from? Marketers!

Go beyond the calendar and look closer to home, as well. Is it the anniversary of your founding, the launch of a product, etc?  We are really just talking about anchoring content to important dates.

Quirky sells. Take a look at Google and it’s daily logo change. You probably couldn’t care less about some of the widely bizarre and unheard-of things Google celebrates on the daily. But, admit it, when you visit Google and you see the regular colourful logo it’s, well, eh.. not as fun.

Go Beyond Your Product or Service

We all like to do business with companies we believe in and that makes us feel good about ourselves (and spending our money.) Next time you feel stymied by writer’s block, look a bit deeper into what’s interesting about your company – beyond what you sell.

Maybe there is a truly interesting person in your mix? Perhaps your CEO has an amazing story that led to the founding of the company? Suggest a volunteer activity and take and post photos showing your team doing good. How about customer case studies?

There are plenty of things to write about. Pick your head up and look around.

Be Helpful

Assuming your business is providing the world with something useful, there are likely plenty of pieces of advice you can share. Start a Q&A aspect of your blog and, when content is scant, approach someone in the office and ask them to tell you one thing they want customers to know about your product or service. Turn it around and write it up as a Q&A. Bam! Instant branded, useful content. (Once you have a handful of these tips, you can add them to the FAQ or create a video series.)

It’s true, writer’s block is a b*tch. But, there are ways of getting around it. Incidentally, a cold glass of milk and a handful of Oreos has been known to give writers a boost of creative energy. Believe it.

While you are munching, contact Harmonia Media to find out how we can help you take your digital marketing to the next level of success.

Hate Writing? You’re In Luck, Creating Content is Our Passion

Let’s get down to the facts. If you are doing business on the web, you need great content.If the words on your site are boring or confusing or, quite frankly, poorly written, no one is going to stay for long. Your bounce rates will be (probably are already since you are reading this) off the charts. And sales? Forget it.


Seriously. If the words on your site are boring or confusing or, quite frankly, poorly written, no one is going to stay for long. Your bounce rates will be (probably are already since you are reading this) off the charts. And sales? Forget it.


That being said, if you are like most people, you would rather go to the dentist than sit down and write something. And, perhaps, you are also facing one of the truly unfortunate realities of the burgeoning digital economy: you can’t find a copywriter who gets your company.

There are plenty of people who want to be writers. Heck, they even list “copywriter” as their profession on LinkedIn. However, when it comes to getting great copy — the kind that sucks the reader in, keeps them reading and creates a need to know more — many companies find it to be incredibly difficult.

That’s because great copywriters are hard to find. It might even seem impossible.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy pizza parlour, you’ve tried the rest…. Give Harmonia Media a chance to change your mind about finding a great copywriter.

Let’s talk. You’ve got content woes? We have content pros. Contact Harmonia Media today for a free consultation about your digital marketing needs.

We All Know Content is King; It’s Time to Stop Talking & Start Writing

Top 5, 7 and 10 lists are all the rage in blogging and, let’s face it, these clickbaity headlines are hard to resist. So, when the Content Marketing Institute puts out a list of 25 predictions about where content marketing is headed, I can’t help but pour another cup of coffee and settle in for some serious reading.

Content Marketing in 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, and Lots of Voice points out myriad ideas about where the world of digital marketing is headed. And they are great points — all of them.

However, at Harmonia Media, we believe these predictions should be regarded as a “To Do Now” list. There is no time to lose when it comes to getting personal, conversational and focused on UX.

The time is now to make sure your digital marketing content sings! For every day you only think about improving your web content, believe me, your competition is rocking ahead of you. Contact Harmonia Media today for a content consultation.

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