In today's competitive business marketplace, there's 2 things you can rely on...

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• The world is doing business online.

• Inaccurate business information on the web is DANGEROUS.

There are so many ways to market your business online. You know that.  However, you may not realize that smart business owners, like you,  often ignore critically important ways of driving web traffic, namely:

Accurate company info on business listings,
directories and citations!

Did You Know?

  • 68% of consumers would stop using a local business if they found incorrect information in online directories.
  • 93% of consumers say they are frustrated by incorrect information in online directories.
  • 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names online.
  • 30% of consumers would go to a competitor if they couldn’t locate a business because of incorrect information found online.

Can you even imagine having a wrong phone number, email address or URL on a business directory listing??!!

Crazy, right? It happens! A lot!

Don't despair! We will help! Harmonia Media is a local search agency helping local businesses grow through the effective use of search marketing.

Harmonia Media will:

  • Submit your company's information to the most powerful directory listings on the Internet PLUS hundreds of niche sites in over 40 industries.
  • Submit to all major Data Aggregators
  • Assist with Reputation Management (and keep you in-the-know with reviews and any negative mentions)
  • For one affordable money fee, you'll receive guaranteed directory listing accuracy plus keyword and ranking reports and citation reports.

Act now!
Your company can't afford
inaccurate business information on the web!


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