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“When I first met Matt I had been struggling for several weeks with putting up a website. Frustrated at the amount of time I had wasted with nothing to show for it, I made the bold (for me) decision to hire someone to create my site for me. Matt was my natural choice. As a soul-based entrepreneur I was excited to work with someone who “got” where I was coming from. In fact, Matt more than understood where I was coming from. Matt instinctively knew there was more to what I wanted to do than counsel people on diet. Looking at my background in beauty and fashion journalism, he teased out what I had felt too uncomfortable to talk about: My deep purpose is to help women become so irresistible that they can magnetize absolutely anything they want to them.  My business has a higher purpose! It also has a lovely website, social media platform and a wealth marketing ideas. Matt, I thank you and your team so much! You are so conscientious and so much fun to work with!”
— Stephanie Pedersen, President at Wise Life Wellness

“I have known Matthew O’Grady for eight years. I find him to be mature, bright, responsible and grounded. I have been in business dealings with him for the past four years. He conducts business with a very high degree of integrity. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Matt.”
— George Basen, President at Ultimate Fundraising Inc.

“I have known Matthew O’Grady for almost ten years, during which we have worked together in a variety of capacities. Most recently, he worked for me as a sales executive, involved in the launch of a regional real estate and design magazine, Upstate House. From 2003 to 2006 Matt was integral in helping quickly develop the new publication to maturity. I have always known Matt to be dependable, resilient, and hardworking.”
— Jason Stern, President at Luminary Publishing

“I have had the pleasure to know Matthew O’Grady in a variety of capacities for over eight years. He was my co-worker at Candlepower Publishing for three years and my employer at canvas magazine for more than two years. In addition, I have worked closely with him on several freelance media design projects. Matt is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and dedicated—he goes above and beyond to get the job done. He is an incredible team player and clearly relishes the opportunity to work with others in creating projects of the highest quality. At Candlepower, he was valued for his innovative contributions to book production as well as for his formidable marketing and sales talents. Far and away, Matt’s greatest strength is his profoundly effective communication style and his genuine ability to generate rapport with people of all ages. This combined with his exceptional management and sales skills helped him to propel canvas magazine to regional acclaim.”
— Kirsten Carle, former General Manager at CandlePower Publishing

“Matt is truly connected to his soul purpose and offers himself as a visionary to those who are fortunate to work with him – he has the ability to see the ‘greater whole,’ not just the piece before you, which gives him the foresight to work on many levels of a project and envision it to fruition. Matt’s visions always include what is best for all who are involved, which speaks to his passion and integrity as a spiritual man of higher consciousness.”
— Dona Ho Lightsey, Owner at Violet Alchemy Healing