socialmedia 101

Does the thought of adding social media to your overall marketing plan make you run for the hills? STOP and remember these three words: Connect, Curate and Consistence. If you do, you’ll become a Social Media Rock Star in no time!


Don’t let the ever increasing number of social media platforms overwhelm you. The main purpose of social media is to connect with people: your clients, potential clients and your tribe. Do you already interact with people in your personal life on Facebook? Do you swap pins with people on Pinterest? Start with the places where you already spend some time and put your marketing focus there.

Now that you’ve decided where to start, get out there and mix it up with people. Don’t worry if you’re shy. Just be yourself. That’s how the “Gurus” started. Of course, always remember to be polite. :)


Stay away from spamming your social media accounts with constant calls to buy your products or hire you. Instead, make sure a high percentage of your posted content contains valuable information so that you become your community’s expert.

It’s actually easy to do this. Share the content you like from people you already follow or admire. It could be their blog posts, articles, videos and quotes. Of course don’t forget that you’ve got lots of gold in your own content so be sure to share your own content too.


This one can be the toughest out of all three but it boils down to finding a rhythm and schedule for your social media time.

Why is consistency important in social media? Just remember this phrase: Out of sight; out of mind. If you’re not posting content and interacting with your community on a regular basis, they’ll forget about you.

Don’t think you have to be glued to your computer or smart phone 24/7. Break your social media marketing into two times: content posting and social interaction. There are some great programs out there right now that allow you to load up content and schedule them to post at scheduled days and times. Then block out 10-15 minutes a day to connect with your community in real time. This is the time for you to answer questions, welcome new followers and give shout-outs to friends, colleagues and new people you want to get to know.

Not so overwhelming now, I hope! Of course, if you have questions or want a partner in your social media marketing, be sure to comment below or reach out to us.